Maskless In West Cork

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This morning.

Margaret Buttimer, of Bandon in county Cork, who had been released on bail on condition she comply with public health restrictions, appeared in court earlier without a mask.

Via Irish Examiner:

Ms Buttimer is facing a charge of not wearing a mask at Dunnes Stores, Clonakilty, on February 12.  Sgt Paul Kelly said gardaí were awaiting directions on the matter from the DPP.

Sgt Kelly said he wanted to bring to the court’s attention that Ms Buttimer could be further reprimanded for the alleged non-wearing of a mask in SuperValu in Bandon last Monday, with Judge Roberts claiming she could be facing further charges arising out of any possible breach of bail conditions…

…Judge Roberts queried whether Ms Buttimer had previously suggested she may have a medical reason for refusing to wear a mask but she denied this and said:

I feel it is my freedom is being taken.”

The matter was adjourned until May 4.

West Cork woman not wearing mask in court: ‘I feel my freedom is being taken’ (Irish examiner)

Pic: SuperValu



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43 thoughts on “Maskless In West Cork

  1. Kevin Higgins

    Those who endanger others by behaving like an idiot, may very well get a chance to experience what deprivation of freedom actually feels like.

  2. Donald McCarthy

    Stupidity no longer confers the advantages so many enjoyed as we hurtled towards extinction. But there will be many outbreaks of rampant stupidity as we figure out, for the first time ever, how to die collectively.

      1. Donald McCarthy

        When your intentions collide with the immutable laws, my money’s on the latter. But do keep on with the hopium!

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Sgt Paul Kelly said gardaí were awaiting directions on the matter from the DPP.
    It’s not clear cut then?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Jeez. You’re getting worse Daisy. has there been a killing? is that all the DPP is there for? (Hint – Google is handy)

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Because the Gardai are unsure as to how to proceed maybe, and are looking to the DPP to guide them? I don’t think anyone was killed though :-)

          2. Unreal

            Every time I read yet another of your barely sentient posts on this a little part of me dies inside

    1. E'Matty

      just plain tards and their idea that freedoms are only for the “normal times”. It’s like you have no understanding of history whatsoever. Or indeed, modern times for that matter…

  4. Dr.Fart

    is Dublin operating under different rules or something? I honestly haven’t had one trip to the shop without being in there beside someone without a mask

    1. paul

      They can say “I have asthma” and the shop staff are powerless, even to ask “yeah, where’s your inhaler?”

      If they are stopped at the door and not given a reason, that’s fine as the shop reserves the right to deny someone entry. Same as a pub saying ‘locals only’, impossible to prove so the person has to move on.

      1. Dr.Fart

        I live in a rough area and almost all the locals come in maskless to the shops. I walk to ranelagh for my shopping and everyone is masked up. why do the lower classes have such poor uptake on wearing masks?

          1. Dr.Fart

            what are they called? I wouldn’t call them working class because you have to have a job to be that

          2. Micko

            Ah, I have to believe that you’re trolling here DF

            You can’t actually think that someone’s worth comes from their employment?

          3. Micko

            In you role as a doctor..

            Do you wear a lab coat with big rubber gloves and goggles and say things like “ put ze tvins on ze operating table”? And “schnell, schnell auctung” etc

            Are you constantly throwing oversized electrical switches while wearing the same goggles/ rubber glove combo while simultaneously madly laughing to yourself?

            Do you feel the irresistible urge to get up and do a John Cleese style silly walk anytime someone pops on a bit of Wagner?


            See, boys and girls – THAT’S how you get around invoking Godwin’s law ;-)

          4. Dr.Fart

            hahaha, not a popular opinion but; asides the atrocities of nazi doctors,
            their experiments have given us some of the most useful medicines we have today. I don’t agree with who they experimented on, but nothing beats human trials for accuracy. When I’m in my local Spar with the maskless lower classes of the area, I do think some of them would serve society better if they offered themselves up for human trials. I’ve considered luring some of them to my shed with cigarettes and cider. I’m genuinely working as part of a team in UCD at the moment on a cure for the common cold and we’ve made some interesting discoveries, and human trials would hugely benefit and further our work. Alas, its not possible in Ireland. If I could prise some of the younger cubs from their folks for experiments I honestly think we could develop a cure within a few years.

    1. benblack

      Floats like a bad egg – that’s all this person demanding her Constitutional rights is – a bad egg.

      But her truth stings like a viper.

      She’s the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

      Knock them out, girl.

    1. U N M U T U A L

      I doff my cap sir!

      Best I could do was
      and at a push SuperNarcado*
      *one for bodger. . ;-)

  5. Des

    ‘Among the samples collected without a face mask, we found that the majority of participants with influenza virus and coronavirus infection did not shed detectable virus in respiratory droplets or aerosols, whereas for rhinovirus we detected virus in aerosols in 19 of 34 (56%) participants (compared to 4 of 10 (40%) for coronavirus and 8 of 23 (35%) for influenza). For those who did shed virus in respiratory droplets and aerosols, viral load in both tended to be low (Fig. 1). Given the high collection efficiency of the G-II (ref. 19) and given that each exhaled breath collection was conducted for 30 min, this might imply that prolonged close contact would be required for transmission to occur, even if transmission was primarily via aerosols, as has been described for rhinovirus colds20. Our results also indicate that there could be considerable heterogeneity in contagiousness of individuals with coronavirus and influenza virus infections’

  6. scottser

    there are few enough court cases able to be heard for the past year and criminal trials are backing up until 2024 already. how the actual F does this nonsense get prioritised for hearing?

    1. Des

      @scottser – Its important social optics!
      Remember how quickly the clifden/ judges thing was followed up in the court – almost instantly. Nearly as fast as the Dubai two, you know the ones where they published their address.

    2. george

      She is on bail and breaching the bail conditions. She also admits what she has no medical condition so they should actually accelerate her trial and get rid of her.

      When you’re in court your address is public information. Learn something about the process. Anything at all would be a start.

      1. Des

        ‘so they should actually accelerate her trial and get rid of her’ – You must be FG – thats complete Leo speak.
        How is it that only the regular joes get into court. Nothing about Leo, Coombe Master, Clifden Judges, Beacon boss…. what about them?


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