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  1. Micko


    On the Express there, the live events industry could be back in the UK by June.

    That’s with about 50% of the UK jabbed with a single shot, we could be back at gigs sooner than we think here! Once we get to the 2 million mark.



    Charger – I swear to God – if you ruin this for me – I will hunt you down man! Yer warned pal!!! ;-)

  2. Charger Salmons

    We live, of course, in unprecedented times with this country gripped by a medical, social and economic crisis.
    So it’s good to know our legislators are working flat out to hold the people responsible for dealing with it to account and spending every waking hour planning how to cope with the fallout in the months and years to come.
    The Dáil has only sat for three days in the whole month of April …
    Which got me thinking.
    Can anyone remember what was the last piece of legislation the Dáil passed ?

  3. Clampers Outside




    It’s ‘IncrediBoy’….
    no… wait…

    It’s ‘Syndrome’!

    aka Buddy Pine :)

  4. Charger Salmons

    Hello …

    Scottish independence voting intention:

    Yes: 45% (-)
    No: 48% (+3)

    , 16 – 20 Apr
    Chgs. w/ 07 Apr

  5. Charger Salmons

    From the Torygraph

    ” Taking a knee is set to be outlawed at the Tokyo Olympics after the International Olympic Committee approved a recommendation from its own Athletes’ Commission to curtail the right to protest on the field of play.

    Two thirds of respondents to a survey relating to a potential change of the IOC’s Rule 50, which bans demonstrations of “political, religious or racial propaganda” on Olympic sites, said they did not feel such protests were appropriate. ”

    About time too. This ludicrous protest has long since run its course, particularly since BLM were revealed to be violent thugs with no respect for law and order.
    A small lapel badge or some such adornment to sporting apparel is entirely adequate.
    A sense of proportion seems to have gone out of the window.
    The verdict in the George Floyd case was entirely correct but the intervention of the President of the United States before the jury had reached a verdict was outrageous.

    I wonder if he spared a thought for the pregnant woman robbed at gunpoint by the unfortunate Mr Floyd ?
    Methinks not.

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