Kevin Whitty writes:

Is it possible to get a log of what the Minister for Housing does every day??

I wouldn’t be surprised if these new, unbuilt properties, were rented back to the government for social housing.

Really sick of this nonsense. Canada and NZ both identified a bubble based on their policies and are in the process of change. Why won’t our government change their policies?!

Crazy House Prices (Instagram)

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10 thoughts on “Off The Plans

  1. Przemek

    I agree that properties should be a available to first time buyers, but can we please stop insisting on government buying brand new luxury properties for social housing??

    1. Mr. T

      Has anyone said they should be bought by govt?
      Govt should build their own stock since they have the finance available.

      Joe Soap doesnt have access to that level of finance to self-build on mass scale, but the government absolutely do. The fact that the govt use their unlimited funds to buy from the private market and push up prices for working folk is perverse.

      The fact that councils use their deep pockets to agree 15year+ leases for these new builds is also perverse – pushes up rents & increases demand for buy-to-lets for institutional investors. Our government is paying German and Canadian pension funds through decisions like this – its absurd

  2. Bruncvik

    Ballymore sold two apartment buildings in the same estate, including one right in front of this new build, to DCC for social housing. I think that fulfilled their obligation for social housing in this estate. However, I suspect that they’d giver serious consideration to the government if it offered a competitive price and terms for the 8th Lock.

  3. scottser

    Why won’t our government change their policies?!

    really? you actually need someone to explain this to you?

    1. Junkface

      The Irish Gov’t run the country like their own private golf club. It’s a farce at this stage, housing is treated only as a way to maximize profit and tax intake. Irish people are inconsequential and just get in the way. They really would prefer if Irish people f***ed off so they could fill the country with the super wealthy from the rest of the world. Evidentially.

  4. Johnny

    -it’s a great deal cuts out the ‘middleman’-‘kevin’ hasn’t a fooping clue.

    he’s conflating various issues and just puking up a load nonsense.

    why platform this idiot ?

    its a forward sale-quite common/normal and usual in development-they are rental apartments.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The German DZ Bank obviously made a few, ahem, friends here even though they closed their business here back in 2016.


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