This afternoon.

Dublin’s Euro 2020 games have been moved to Russia and London as the FAI and the Government were unable to guarantee spectator attendance.


The three Group E matches featuring Slovakia, Sweden and Poland have been moved from Aviva Stadium to Saint Petersburg.

UEFA have confirmed that the last-16 game scheduled for Dublin has been switched to Wembley Stadium in London.

…UEFA’s executive committee is meeting today to finalise plans after Bilbao and Dublin could not guarantee fan presence at matches, with Seville replacing Bilbao as a host city.

Nine of the 12 host cities had already confirmed their venues will be at least 25% full for June’s delayed European Championships, the minimum capacity UEFA will accept.

Flat Champagne, anyone?

Breaking Dublin Euro 2020 games moved to Saint Petersburg and London (RTÉ)

Pic: Aviva

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7 thoughts on “Too Big To Fill

  1. goldenbrown

    in case you’re wondering what the bill for opening up at Xmas was….you can include this

    but sur there’s always the World Cup to look forward to in 2330, if Boris and Leo sez gotta be true


    1. wearnicehats

      ah will you give over about xmas. Whenever anyone suggests moving on it’s always xmas, xmas, xmas. The amount of extra cases caused by hospitality was miniscule. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The extra cases were caused by people socialising at home – something that they were going to do at Christmas regardless.

      1. Frank

        extra cases of what? cases don’t equal death.
        how long do we have to live for??? 80? 90? 100? the end of anyone’s life is sad but you know when it’s time to go its time to go. this is supposed to be a deadly virus but the predominant group dieing are the elderly in care.
        let these poor wretches die for gods sake. As my own 78 year old father said “If a cold is going to kill me then perhaps its time to go anyway”.

  2. Zaccone

    The question here is why exactly are the Irish government refusing to allow 25% capacity, when the majority of other host cities are allowing it?

    We’re no further along in our vaccination program than almost anywhere else in the EU. And we have lower case numbers than most of them.

    So whats the justification? Why is Ireland unique?

    1. wearnicehats

      They can’t even say whether or not 15 people will be allowed to sit outside a cafe in June let alone 12,975 people sitting outside watching a football match


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