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11 thoughts on “Ask Them

  1. delacaravanio

    Bit disingenuous, this. Evidence-based medicine in this context would require a controlled trial comparing masks to no masks, which would mean putting people at risk of exposure by requiring them to not wear masks. Ethically, such a study won’t happen right now.

    The simple fact is that basic masks help to reduce spread and infection, whereas respirators (FFP2 or FFP3) work best to prevent infection.

    1. K. Cavan

      So, you reach a conclusion, having admitted there is no evidence, by dint of labelling it a “simple fact”? Congratulations, that’s the single most stupid comment on the subject of facerags I’ve ever seen.

      1. delacaravanio

        There’s overwhelming evidence that masks work. My point is it is unlikely we will see a controlled trial to confirm this because to conduct such a study under the controlled conditions needed would mean putting people in unnecessary danger. Ethically, it’s too risky.

    2. Gavin


      It neither proves or disproves the effectiveness of masks

      Both of these appear show masks are benefical

      List of sources that say there are no benefits

      There is plenty of “Evidence-based medicine” you just need to actually look for it, rather than having it shat into your brain.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw is a conspiracy site so take anything they post with a huge dose of salt!

        1. f_lawless

          It’s a group of health professionals providing well-referenced Covid-related information that often challenges establishment narratives – which would qualify it as a “conspiracy site” in Daisy-speak. That’s a given at this stage

      2. delacaravanio

        I read a good deal about the Danish trial when it was published. It has been subjected to a lot of criticism. Apparently, the researchers didn’t do basic things like showing the participants how to wear a mask correctly.

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