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From top: Digital Hub Development Agency in Dublin 8. The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications announced yesterday that the Digital Hub is to be dissolved; then Chief Executive of Digital Hub Philip Flynn with Fianna Fáil Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources Dermot Ahern on the roof of the Digital Hub Building, February 26, 2003

Yesterday, the government announced the 10-builidng Digital Hub [formerly Media Lab] in the Liberties, Dublin 8 is to be shut down and redeveloped for ‘social and affordable housing’ by the Land Development Agency (LDA).

John C writes:

Can they just do that? Obviously they can and housing is vital, but why remove an established, admired and, I would have thought, very valuable resource for Dublin’s future?

Grant Thornton Review of the Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA) 2020 (


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13 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Rob_G

    I don’t know if things have changed, but I worked there years ago and the place always seemed half-empty.

    I can’t see too many start-ups being 100% office-based in this day and age, so probably a lot less need for this type of initiative now.

  2. eoin

    Affordable housing my foot. They’ll be trying to gentrify the area same as they tried with Smithfield across the river. Step out of your 500k+ apartment and enjoy such sights as junkies, drug dealers and petty criminals. Real ‘colour’.

    1. AssPants

      There is no housing crisis; there is an access crisis.

      If a single male, 40yrs+ plus can’t get a mortgage of €250k on a salary of €85k, plus deposit and a small rental investment property; for a property costing circa €320k then we have an access crisis.

      There is plenty of property out there, but only available to a chosen few.

  3. Mountain Talk

    I agree @AssPants – the continual propaganda of “housing crisis” more like greed crisis. On Irish Reddit, guy was saying about trying to buy one of seven derelict homes. Small town, west of Ireland, where he’s from. Turns out, (he discovered) a vulture fund owns them all.

      1. MountainTalk

        Of course not. What do you think they’re about ? love. Exploitation thrives w/ emotional dislocation. Your hardly think about a Bangladesh sweat box. When you buy a Pennys €2.50 T-Shirt. Same w/ these guys. Staring at numbers, on a screen. In some international city.
        To answer to your question. No. Not selling. They’re sitting on them.

        1. Rob_G

          There plenty of fixer-uppers all over the west, so what’s the problem? Reddit guy can just buy one those other ones

  4. henry

    I also used to work in a company in the Digital Hub, the services and costs were not great especially when compared to the WeWork and Iconic offerings, not surprised they’re calling it a day.

    Wonder what exactly ‘social and affordable housing’ looks like here though?


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