End Of The Road


From top: Bóthar charity logo and slogan; A selection of junior Bóthar ‘super supporters’

This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

During David Moloney’s eight years as chief executive of Bóthar, and during the period before that when the late Peter Ireton held the position, cash bonuses were paid to some staff at Christmas while the public was being urged by Bóther to forgo giving Christmas presents and instead give the money to the charity.

These payments occurred without the knowledge or consent of the board of Bóthar, the High Court has been told.

Bogus expenditure on charitable causes were used to justify the cash withdrawals that went to the staff, the court heard.

Donations to Bóthar were paid “to fictional projects that were fabricated by Mr Moloney, and others” so that cash could be paid to the staff, Bóthar chairman, Harry Lawlor, has told the court.


Bóthar: Bonuses paid to staff under guise of charitable causes, court told (Irish Times)

Super Supporters (Bóthar)

Thanks Terry Rickard

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12 thoughts on “End Of The Road

  1. goldenbrown

    I stopped donating to anything with a “CEO” involved a while ago just very focussed personal donations from me nowadays….yer man Paul Kelly was the final straw, nothing surprises me anymore

  2. Donald McCarthy

    Charity is nothing but the painted face of injustice. The children of the live-aid recipients are prowling cities with machetes, beheading the children of those who sang against starvation.No honest person will ever thank you for your charity, nor should you make a song and dance about it.

    1. Sara

      Exactly. Charities are there to help the founders. It’s all about unvouched expenses and high wages.

  3. eamonn

    shame indeed, there is something very hard to forgive in this. Not shocking anymore
    it would make a person very sceptical indeed, charity – in an ideal world not necessary.
    you not in utopia now toto

  4. U N M U T U A L

    ‘helping people to help themselves’…

    ‘Giving a hand-up, not a hand-out’…

    ‘Celebrating 30 years of helping people to help themselves.’…

    ⬆️All from their website⬆️

  5. phil

    Some stuff that didnt age well here ….

    ‘Listen to the first 10 mins where he describes the difficulties the charity is having with cash, there were layoffs , If I was laid off Id be pretty annoyed’



    Out of all the charities questioned only 3 refused to answer
    ‘Declined to release remuneration package details on the basis that they “do not individualise details of remuneration packages to any of the staff in our accounts”.’

    I wonder should the other 2 be questioned again ….

  6. italia'90


    That’s only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately.
    They’re reporting hundreds of thousands,
    it’s actually millions of Punts & Euros that have been stolen.

    So much cash has been stolen and most of it untraceable.
    Isn’t that right Niamh?
    I do hope you are “fully cooperating” with the investigation teams?
    Utter see you next Tuesdays!

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