31 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Papers

  1. V AKA Frilly Keane

    RIP Alan bleedin’ who
    You lived enough to be remembered for at least five lifetimes bhoy

    I was in Windsor Park that night would ye believe
    Soccer I know
    And I came up especially, took the afternoon off like
    To do a bitta tiocfidh with Big Tracey n’ all the lads
    Can you imagine the craic to be got off the other crowd
    With yer man only on the pitch
    We were still in the Felons when the Lunchtime pints crew came over from Curleys the next day

    1. Donald McCarthy

      I was there myself, an occasion memorable for the sheer ferocity of sectarianism on proud display. Just one bad offside call from a bloody slaughter.

    2. scottser

      RIP indeed. i only watched it in the pub but such was the jubilant mood after we qualified that i got the snog off a young wan from raheny.

    3. Junkface

      RIP Alan McLoughlin. What a difference that goal made for the whole country in 94, but especially my Grandad.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Britain: Remember this, remember that….glorious this, glorious that…..united this, united that,Great this, great that…
    Also Britain: Let’s forget about HM military murdering supposed citizens of the “UK”.

        1. Papi

          There’s been too many red rags for his bull to ignore that I do believe he has got hisself kitten’ed.

  3. Steph Pinker

    ‘HSE staff who refuse vaccines may be moved’ – to a different house, to a different garden, to a different ECT homecare facility?


          1. Steph Pinker

            LionBox is the new exciting collaboration tool for the Publicis Groupe. Based on the popular Box collaboration platform, LionBox is a new way for Publicis Groupe Employees, Contractors, and Clients to collaborate. Share files, view versions, assign tasks, and comment on files, seamlessly.

          2. Unreal

            Unlimited Storage
            Collaborate with Groupe and non-Groupe people
            Share files through links
            Versioning of Files
            Seamless editing of files through Box Edit
            Powerful searching of file content
            Preview files through the web

          3. Steph Pinker

            Ahh fleck it, I I always knew my dislexis would ride my lionbox seemlessly with my publicis groupe – if someone could comment on my flies I’d be sarted, grrrrrrrrrrrrr! >.<

            P.S. I'm agoraphobic, I hate webs n' spiders… and fighting.
            P.P.S. Spiders eat flies – yea?

          4. Unreal

            Go to the refectory
            And imbibe some confectionery

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