A Hire Loyalty


This afternoon.

Stand with Pat writes:

On the Friday the 30th of April, Pat Barrett was contacted by Bord na Mona. He was informed that he had lost the tender for Boora Bike Hire [county Offaly] to a much larger Bike Hire chain that operates at a national level. 11 years of hard work, patience and unwavering kindness to countless visitors to Boora were not taken into account. Without Pat there would be no Lough Boora Parklands. It would not be the entity that it is today.

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18 thoughts on “A Hire Loyalty

  1. gallantman

    “…I’m.sure whoever got the contact will increase the prices giving the greedy b****rds something to smile about. What about the man who worked his ass off to make it what it is. Typical greedy rich do nothings but take all the credit for someone else’s work pricks…”

    I’d say whoever put together the petition might be well advised to remove the above section which sounds a bit unhinged. You might be better off to explain why his tender application wasn’t successful….

  2. frank

    I’ve been to Boora bog a couple of times and I’m afraid this is the right decision.
    Not only do Dublin have better bicycles but our standard of cycling is also superior to the Offaly native. No doubt locals will soon thank Dublin for showing them how cycling is really done such as ‘mounting a cycle with your opposite foot and throwing your leg about the rear’ – (also known as the Postmans groin) and other cycling skills lightyears in advance of their ‘primitive’ efforts.

    1. gallantman

      Actually they currently stock the best Penny Farthings in the whole of North Offaly

  3. SB

    “This was his lively hood” it says. But Bord na Mona says he already has a job with them. So this was a sideline then, surely?

    If it’s a tendering process, it should be awarded to whoever makes the best financial sense for the taxpayer. Not just who’s a “daycent fella”? As long as the financials are all transparent. Maybe he was too cocky in his tender and quoted too high a price, or insufficient hours (as he should be working for BnM)

  4. Clampers Outside

    Feckin’ Jackeens comin’ down arr’ bogs, takin’ arr’ walks, and ridin’!
    R-r-r-r-ridin’ arr’ w-w-w-w-Raliegh Winners!

  5. George

    It is bizarre that the employee of a semi-state was awarded a contract by that same semi-state company. A clear conflict of interest in the first place.

    There are claims being made on twitter that the number of employees claimed didn’t matched the accounts which showed no evidence of wages being declared.

    1. SB

      It would indeed be interesting to see accounts, if it was a limited company – perhaps its official revenues only totalled about 10 bike hires per week, which would certainly justify BnM thinking “we could do better than that”

  6. Cian

    I don’t think locals are the target audience for the bike hire business to begin with – that type of boycott is unlikely to result in anything.

  7. Optimus Grime

    Ah it’s not like the lad who won the contract was Eamon Ryan’s nephew….

  8. curmudgeon

    So the guy was working for Bord na Mona while also running the bike biz, under license of his employer, Bord na Mona. Hmmm.

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