Can’t Stop


Lord Mayor of Dublin and Green Party chairperson Hazel Chu has confirmed she will seek the nomination for the Green Party seat in the forthcoming Dublin Bay South by-election

This morning.

“As someone who achieved 33 per cent of the vote in my constituency in the 2019 local elections and as current Lord Mayor of Dublin, I believe I can run a competitive campaign for the Dublin Bay South seat and for the party.

“I look forward to the selection convention and to the decision by my local group.”

“I have worked hard to support the local community and local businesses while working to fight the key issues we are facing as a country, homelessness and housing, discrimination and inequalities, climate change and ensuring a sustainable future.”

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu earlier.

Hazel Chu enters the race for Dublin Bay South (Irish Times)



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36 thoughts on “Can’t Stop

  1. baz

    if Hazel does not win it is ‘because Ireland is the most racist environment on the planet’ and nothing to do with any other failings on her behalf

  2. Jdawgs

    Showing absolutely no respect to her current office. Won’t be getting my vote sweetheart. Anyone but you.

  3. Broadbag

    She’s up there with Lucinda Creighton in the desperation stakes, no mention of doing it for her daughter this time, played that card too early it seems.

  4. Joe

    Excellent, Eamon Ryan will be even more demented than normal, eat your greens folks

  5. Dr.Fart

    people have long seen through her. and more so, the Green Party. She’ll probably do well in that constituency, where people are wealthy and out of touch enough to not really be too bothered about the sell out the Green Party took part in to claim power. I worked with her on an event a few months ago and I was shocked what a diva she is. She portrays herself as a defender of minorities, but that must not include people who work for her, she was incredibly rude and demanding.

    1. Junkface

      The thing I find alarming is her repeated statements on diversity over any other human value. Again, its a middle class woke ideology, your identity is not more important than your ability to do the job, or your character. This kind of thinking is backwards and currently doing huge damage in US and UK schools and colleges. Lets not be hoodwinked by it.

      How many non locals are involved in Vietnamese politics, or Indian politics, or Chinese politics? I’d like to know how diverse they are.

        1. Junkface

          Fair enough Rob. I don’t know exactly were she was born. I should have said ‘minorities’, but that term is so thrown around so much that it loses meaning. So she is an Irish person with a minority background.

          My point still stands. Identity is not the most important factor in who is the best candidate for any job. Merit and good experience are more important. The Greens seem to be slipping down this slope. Didn’t we have one of their politicians last year complaining about politics because she did not get voted in? That’s politics, don’t let objective reality get in the way.

          1. Oro

            Gas. I always love when merit is brought up as a negative against women or minorities. 80% of the current Dail are men. Do you think your average man is 400% more qualified than your average woman for the positions? The only ones that are getting further through their identity and lacking merit are men.

          2. ce

            Oro – are you are seriously suggesting that Danny Healy-Rae isn’t up to the job??? Disgraceful comments…

      1. Dr.Fart

        well she didn’t become mayor because she seemed like she’d be great at the gig. Now I think it sends a good message to have a female minority in the role, it tells other minorities that opportunity is available to them and they won’t be shut out. However, she doesn’t offer anything else. She just goes on about being a minority all the time. She’s literally the Lord Mayor, so it doesn’t hold up to keep using that card. So what else does she have? She’s in the Green Party. Being keen on environmental issues is good. But now even the dogs on the street know thats not what the Greens are about. They’ve been derided on their hasty sell out for power often and regularly. So for her to stick with such a transparent and fake party doesn’t play well. Like, we all see the Greens are not a Green Party supporting green policy. They support the policy of FF/FG. So what does she do? stays with them and now runs for local election, effectively saying “I know that my party will sell ideology for power. And im here to join in on that action”

        So what does she have to offer now exactly? Nothing. Just another pointless politician looking to get a place at the trough.

        1. Nigel

          ‘They support the policy of FF/FG.’

          No, the majority of Irish voters support these policies. The Green Party try to be mature and work with the people elected to get their own policies through. Everyone else sits back and scoffs.

      2. Nigel

        She is directly subjected to racist abuse, so dismissing it as as some sort of ideology is a complete misnomer, for a start, any more than a homeless person talking about being homeless is an ideology. When you talk about identity being unimportant, you’re talking about negating life experience, which might not determine how good you are at a job, but could well determine your priorities, a very important factor in political office. We’re currently seeing how important ‘identity’ is in terms of determining how FF’FG respond to vulture funds buying up housing.

    2. Rob_G

      Does this anecdote have similar levels of truthiness as the one where you claimed to be a real doctor?

  6. ce

    “How many non locals are involved in Vietnamese politics, or Indian politics, or Chinese politics”… the difference is she is a local… although I understand the point you’re trying to make.. more people from Mayo needed in Sumo and then we’ll finally have utopia!

    It would be funny if Cllr Claire Byrne got through the convention, here’s hoping…

  7. Ouch

    Can’t use her excuse of there being no women going forward for the role this time…

    1. ce

      But… will they be the right kind of women… maybe Arlene will give it a go for the craic, she’d be looking for a bit of work too at the moment…

          1. ce

            The Murphy Dichotomy… could be a sitcom…

            One is a hard noised slightly racist trucker, the other is well meaning worker constantly over-shadowed by her (co)boss… watch as hilarity ensues in their wacky Dáil adventures…

          2. Otis Blue

            Try weaving Eoghan the International Affairs aspirant and Paul the Trot into the narrative and you could be on to something.

  8. Zaccone

    Chu would have been a shoo in for this nomination if she hadn’t already shown she doesn’t care at all about the Green party with her selfish Seanad solo run. I bet shes kicking herself.

    The only things she ever talks about are her minority status and how she deserves to be in power. I never hear her actually campaigning on improving things for poor people, or even environmental issues. Shes pretty much the stereotype of a completely self-interested, ego driven, politician at this stage.

    1. Junkface

      Well it seems to have worked so far in her career, so why should she change her approach? She won’t.

  9. Broadbag

    2 out of 3 people didn’t want me in my own constituency so I’ll rock up here and give it a shot instead, there’s many a career politician out there but few are quite as brazen.

  10. goldenbrown


    anyone thinking this will play out like “a referendum on how the Govt are doing” is in for a large disappointment, it’s going to be a non event.

    that narrative is a total spin dept construct

    put your money on whomever FG nominate (no matter who/what they are or have done)

  11. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Let’s hope the new Lord Mayor will delete that cess-pit of a Twitter account and start a fresh one.

  12. lT

    She offers NOTHING. Is actually a joke. Her sense of self-persecution is grating. Me, me, me. “As I survey my lot from the vantage point of being The. Bloody. Lord. Mayor. Of. Dublin., I cannot help but feel vindicated in seeing my options as being limited and constrained by unrelenting blockers”. Please say that even Dub South is not that vacuous.

  13. V AKA Frilly Keane

    This is a Blueshirt seat
    They could run a bale of hay and still retain it

    The tricky thing is will they run Kate or James G

    That selection convention will be epic …..

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