No Bay? No Meadows? We’ll Take It


This afternoon.

Bay Meadows estate, Dublin 15.

All 112 houses have been bought by tax break-savouring, absentee hedgelords Round Hill Capital – having already purchased 135 homes in an estate in Maynooth, county Kildare – to be put on the rental market. Probably only for the vaxxed.

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8 thoughts on “No Bay? No Meadows? We’ll Take It

  1. Dr.Fart

    government: hey developers, here’s tax breaks, funding, and free land. Please make houses for people to buy

    developers: sure ill build a load of houses… guna sell them to whoever I want though.

    government: yea whatever, we’re tired and sleepy from all the work we did giving you free stuff. guna clock off until Autumn. do as you please.

  2. Des

    Jesus its a funny old world. I get the anti developers thing and I see the need for housing and the availability of affordable housing – that said there are two things:
    1. The Govt has this policy in place so they create one of the problems they fix. Why?
    2. Where do you think these funds are getting the money to invest? From anyone who is contributing to a pension fund which is a lot of us, even the people who are looking to buy a house.

    Pension fund managers are rewarded for growth and the Govt facilitates growth through these initiatives so we can’t have it every way?

    1. ZiiiSmoke

      Round hill capital is Lebanese family wealth fund, as far as I am aware.
      Even if some pensions funds are at, thats a poor excuse.. their investment strategy is flawed and they should look for growth somewhere else, where they can apply capital in more sustainable way..
      This is down to pen pusher execs running these funds trying to get massive payouts as quick as possible before they blow up their accounts.

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