Small Pharma


Irish Pharmacy Union Secretary General Darragh O’Loughlin (left) with Tanaiste Leo Varadkar

This morning.

A total of 38 vaccination centres – possibly operating 24 hours – will be opened to vax the entire country…

…however…Via RTE:

Pharmacists have been sidelined from the national vaccination programme, with 2,000 fully-trained vaccinators “ready to go”, according to the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne, he said the notion of running vaccination centres for 24 hours a day on the basis that people are so desperate they would turn up for one at 4am, instead of opening up pharmacies to vaccination, is difficult to understand.

Mr O’Loughlin said 1,200 pharmacists have expressed an interest in providing the service and 2,000 are fully-trained vaccinators that are “ready to go”, but have been sidelined by the Health Service Executive.

He said nobody has asked for all-night centres for vaccination, but people were asking pharmacists every day to vaccinate them.


Pharmacists ‘sidelined’ from Covid vaccine programme – IPU (RTE)


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10 thoughts on “Small Pharma

  1. Ragamuffin

    I imagine the no-show rate would be through the roof during the night, would be totally inefficient.

  2. Brian

    These guys are mad for a piece of the pie. They’re as bad as the teachers. Anyway, Donnolly said that if they need to run them late at night and early in the morning they can do that. Sure they can run them 24 hours but i think you’d need a lot of supply before 38 centres operating from 6am to 10pm couldn’t handle it. I’d rather go to a vaccination centre with adequate social distancing than the back room of a local chemist.

  3. RuilleBuille

    We have a perfectly good distribution system for ‘flu jabs. Why invent a new system?

    I wonder who got the gig for these centres?

    1. frank

      Because we are in the death grip of a deadly pandemic. Remember Y2K? well this scare is at least twice as frightening as that brush with total catastrophic oblivion.

  4. Dr.Fart

    and yet Donnelly said earlier today he’s looking for Pharmacies to get involved and do more. Shows there’s clearly no communication going on at all. I really can’t get over how inept this guy is. It’s gobsmacking.

  5. GiggigyGoo

    So, friends of mine in their 60’s got to register 10 days ago for vaccination. No sign of an appointment for them. A sister of theirs who is a year older registered the previous week and got it done within 4 days. Out of vaccines then?

  6. K. Cavan

    It seems entirely appropriate that those running the prisons should be in charge of punishing the inmates. The existing medical establishment, largely bypassed during the Covid Operation, contains too many people with ethical standards & medical knowledge, so it’s not a suitable vehicle for politically-driven actions which lack medical justification. The pharmacists will get their cut when the (side-)effects need to be alleviated & they’ll be more useful in the aftermath if they’re not the people who poisoned their customers in the first place. The politicians are disposable & they will largely be disposed of but the knowledge contained within the medical establishment will be needed in the future, more than ever, when this insanity reaches it’s, possibly catastrophic, conclusion. There’s a reason we test medicines very strictly & I suspect there’s a reason these jabs have bypassed those checks & balances, it’s best if their imposition bypasses the medical establishment also.

  7. ian-oG

    This, 100%.

    Clearly Leo has, as always, delivered for another one of his mates, but not really mates.

    Anyway, not taking any vaccines so couldn’t give a monkeys.

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