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  1. goldenbrown

    ban vulture funds?
    they will in their arse
    it’s a FG design and it’s a core part of their ideology
    all aided and abetted by their confidence and supply trough lovin stooges

    the right to a secure home has never been further away

    1. ian-oG

      The right to a secure home is within grasp if people stop voting for the same idiots who clearly have much bigger concerns than stuff like a stable society where people are not camping out homeless on one of our busiest shopping streets or are being pushed under trains.

      RTE, The Indo, Newstalk and The IT are all culpable too, barely a decent journalist among them willing to ask the real questions of our ‘leaders’.

    2. Junkface

      It’s hard to believe that they really are going to ban vulture funds from housing. I’ll believe it when I see the proof, and check the small print.

      1. scottser

        if the irish housing market is so attractive to FDI, you’d wonder why the state isn’t invested in it themselves. you can’t really blame the vultures for availing of favourable market conditions, but the government needs to explain why it’s not looking after our interests over those of venture capitalists.

        1. Junkface

          Irish politicians are the least patriotic people ever! They would sell their own children to Dubai or whoever has the most cash.

          They don’t give a p*** about Irish people.

          1. Fergalito

            As Shaw said “if you put an Irishman on a spit, you’ll always find another Irishman to turn him.”

            We the citizens are the hog, slowly roasting over the hot embers of unfettered “the market will fix it” capitalism while the politicians turn us at the handle and prepare the apple of promised change to be shoved down our porcine gobs.

    3. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Anyone remember Leo’s
      Bank of Mum & Dad

      They are ghettoising (if that’s a word – but ye know what I mean)
      Home ownership
      And that’s deliberate and by design

      It’s no secret that developers have been hanging onto properties themselves for the last 5 years or more – particularly in Dublin
      I’m hardly the only one to notice large schemes – particularly apartment type developments with no “For Sale” signs, or Marketing blurb
      And that’s cause they were under no pressure to repay Bank Finance
      Maybe it would have been better hearing it from one of the lads
      Or some Conspirationilst on YouTube

      The only way this more recent method of financing large builds will end is when the Banks start cribbing about being cut out

      And btw
      You should all know it takes years for developments to come out of the ground in Ireland
      You’re all only seeing and hearing stuff now that was agreed years ago – long before they sent in commencement notices to the Local Authorities and went to site
      And who stock the Councils?
      They’ve all known this for years

      What you’re seeing in the Dáil now is just Theatre
      The policy and long term goal of privatising social housing started in the 90s
      Fianna Fail and Fine Gael were always owners of that plan

      I dunno how many times I’ve posted here about two particular opportunities to tackle the housing / accomodation crisis, usually around Budget time
      1. Cooperative Schemes (stay tuned btw)
      2. A Long term rentals
      Along with putting Social Housing back into the total control of the local authority housing depts
      And out of The Housing Agency

      Ara’ don’t mind me – tis all this mask wearing – lack of oxygen to the brain

      But know this – when AHBs hit trouble and go into liquidation, and they will because of the Housing Agency rule changes on acquisitions – those portfolios will not be bought by the Local Authorities
      I warned about this before anyway, but shur’
      Tis what tis
      I am actually bored with the hackery and faux angst coming out of the talking heads

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        it’s a lot of hypocrisy to stomach with breakfast isn’t it

      2. Junkface

        It’s enough to make anyone furious. If I see any FF or FG leaders next time I’m back in Ireland I will burst their ear drums. Seriously.

      3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        At least the Irish Govt hasn’t threatened to put its own citizens in jail if they return to their own country. The Aussie Tories threatened to put people who return from India in jail for 5 years. I can see why SF are on the rise in Ireland. Time to try something different to FFG.

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