Lose The Appitude


This afternoon.

Nass, county Kildare.

Gardai at a checkpoint using smartphones running a new app to detect whether cars are out of insurance or tax.  The Active Mobility App has access to Pulse system, PSNI information, driver and vehicle records .

What could possibly go wrong?

The app uses technology pioneered by the Department of Post and Telegraph in the 1970s.


Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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12 thoughts on “Lose The Appitude

  1. paul

    Should be completely automated. License gets scanned entering or leaving a town/city, checks against database, if anything on the car is more than a month out of date a ‘polite’ notice is issued. A month more than that or if driver has a history of driving without tax/insurance/license then a fine is issued.

    Same thing with red lights at a junction, anything breaking the lights gets an automatic fine. Might need some additional working to issue those fines to someone not in a car. They’d have the whole scheme paid for in a month at a few select junctions in Dublin city.

    1. scottser

      ‘Should be completely automated’ = denis o’brien gets another sweet, sweet contract delivering an overpriced system with loads of get-clauses; one of those man united-style, ‘you pay for it and i’ll own it’ deals.
      mmmm, gravy..

      1. paul

        unfortunately, yes. For me, the idea makes complete sense but I know FFG would make absolute poo of it as usual.

  2. D-troll

    took a while to come to Ireland. UK have had this system for years.

    im not proud to say this, but im delighted. i personally know people that use fake tax discs and im the smuck that pays the car tax every year.

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