‘More Holes Than A Bloody Block Of Swiss Cheese’


This afternoon.

The Seanad.

During a debate on Ireland’s mandatory hotel quarantine system, Leader of the Seanad, Regina Doherty, of Fine Gael claimed the country was “dragged kicking and screaming by populism to mandatory hotel quarantining“.

Via RTÉ:

Senator Doherty added that “we left the doors open and the windows open to Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom whilst picking on other countries”.

She said that she believed that the number of exemptions had surpassed the number of rules.

We have more holes in the system that we have [than] in a bloody block of swiss cheese“, she told the Seanad.

Ms Doherty called on Government to let the legislation underpinning the quarantine system lapse in June, when it is due to do so, and not renew it.

Seanad hears criticism of mandatory hotel quarantine system (RTÉ)

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5 thoughts on “‘More Holes Than A Bloody Block Of Swiss Cheese’

  1. george

    Her description of herself and others who were so opposed as “kicking and screaming” like toddlers having a tantrum is certainly accurate.

    It is however tragic that hotel quarantine has ended the 200 years of common travel.

    1. ce

      But stopped cases from people who would have otherwise wandered around the place thinking everything was fine

      1. Zaccone

        Its stopped people who arrive in Ireland, who have a negative covid test in their hand, from wandering around.

        While at t he same time the 500~ cases of positive people a day in Ireland are free to roam down to their local shops and cough on others – no enforcement of staying at home whatsoever.

        No logic or statistical basis for that at all.

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