This morning.

Lidl, Drumcondra, Dublin

Rapid Covid-19 antigen tests are now on sale priced €24.99 and limited to five per customer. Tests are not stored directly on the shelves. An antigen test uses a swab from your nose and is quicker than a PCR test, but, according to the HSE, is not 100% accurate.

After you.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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19 thoughts on “Rapid

  1. The Dude

    Thanks Lidl for providing where the government has utterly failed the people.

    Back in November the Irish Times reported that these tests were going to be rolled out without delay.

    Yet that did not happen, and barely a peep out of the Irish Times since rather than following it up.

    The management of the Covid crisis has cost the country much more than should be the case – and in particular the failure by the state to provide testing has been central to that.

    Remarkable that the boss of the HSE is being paid over 400 k per annum. Not bad for a chap whose primary qualification is that of an electrician.

    Thanks again Lidl for stepping in and providing where our own little state has failed us miserably.

    Shame on the HSE for not doing the job – and then criticizing others for doing so.

    1. General Public

      I think you can say anything you want when you begin a sentence with that.

      1. Cian

        From that link
        Early stages (1-7 days): 82.35%
        Middle stages (7-14 days): 98.37%
        Late stages (14-25 days): 100%

        This mean that if 100 people that have Covid use this test during the early stage (1-7 days… e.g. when you are contagious) that it will correctly identify 82 of them – hurrah!. But 18 people that have covid will be told they are negative!!

        82 people will know they should stay home… but 18 people will go out and about (wrongly) thinking they are Covid-free. They may be less cautious because the test said they were Covid free! :-(

  2. des

    The privatisation of covid continues, thanks to FFG

    Next up, the award of the development of a vaccine passport system to a man who ripped off the HSE

  3. Dell

    They have a very high false negativity rate . I read somewhere that it is up to 30% .

      1. Dell

        Nope. Comment needed to be moderated as I’m quite critical of bodgers articles in general.

        1. Joe

          Bodger’s pro conspiracy anti vax postings will lose BS readers,damage BS and lose advertising. I think folks lost in the rabbit holes of anti science garbage really need to take a reality check and confide in friends their emotional state and seek some support.

          1. Dell

            I don’t like his pro conspiracy rubbish but I don’t think that bs losing add revenue due to his pushing of those (often twisted and damaging) theories should even enter the equation . But even if it does , there are a surprising amount of people sharing accommodation with him down said rabbit hole that would keep bs afloat.

  4. U N M U T U A L

    Some nice signage trolling by lidl…
    Right next to the… Huawei ‘Fitness’ tracker!

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