The Bee’s Knees



‘Pleann Bee’.

A one-hour TG4 documentary on World Bee Day, May 20, about the acclaimed All Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Deirdre Ní Choistín writes:

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP), set up in 2015, is almost unique in reversing pollinator decline by engaging with Irish society, mobilising a citizen’s army of gardeners, farmers, community and sports groups, councils and other land owners to become pollinator friendly, protecting the environment and protecting the lives of future generations.

The success of the pollinator plan, and the huge community buy-in involved means that other countries, and the EU in particular, are looking to Ireland for help in improving the situation of their own pollinators….

‘Pleann Bee’ on May 20 at 9:30pm on TG4.

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10 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

      1. scottser

        well, wasps are all about the protein. i’ve never had it but yeh, i’d say it’s rank alright.

    1. goldenbrown

      fupp you wasp, take that!

      lol, once upon a time we had this massive nasty underground nest in the back garden, yeah in a hole on the lawn no less, got to the point that we couldn’t do anything out in it in peace. thought about using a digger but we solved it in the end by pouring a gallon of unleaded right in there. I’ll never forget the noise, “whooommph” it went…‘twas also unexpected entertainment as we lit her in the late evening dusk and got a very pretty light show out of it…

      nowadays as a bit of a hobby I make bee hotels!

      1. millie bobby brownie

        The unfiltered glee with which you tell that story is delicious.

        Not a fan of the little feckers after one stung me on the bus one time. They got what was coming to them.


      2. scottser

        i rented a house in artane a while ago and started to tackle the overgrown jungle out the back. halfway through i found a wasps nest and the landlord got rentakill out to sort it. yer man sticks a load of nerve agent into the entrance and there’s a massive swarm out of the nest knowing that it’s being attacked. they get covered in it and stagger off to die. then all the wasps from the nest who were out and about come back to the nest and their DOOOOM!
        yeah, they are gits. necessary gits though.

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