Alberta, Canada.

Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski was made to kneel while being arrested for committing the crime of holding a church service, which violated Alberta’s public health orders. The pastor kicked out police from his church last month calling them ‘Gestapo’.

That’ll learn him.

Calgary COVID-19 dissidents vow to resist court order (Calgary Sun Herald)

Pic via Twitter

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36 thoughts on “Preach

  1. Joe

    Sad that someone who professes to be a Christian pastor would choose to recklessly endanger his flock and wider society by his selfish behaviour

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Next week there’ll be a story about the cops kickin’ in his door at 3 am and taking his kids, amirite?

        1. Col

          That may be, but calling police Nazia and Stasi and communists and asking one officer (who I think they said on the video is Korean) “did you just get off the boat from China” is not cool.

          1. K. Cavan

            So, the entirely justified comparisons with historical Authoritarianism implied in the name-calling is the part of this you find “not cool”, is it, Col? You do seem to have missed the point, entirely.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I know the facts. Nazional Party stormtrooper kept kids from their mother for months because of antimask, antilockdown sentiments. Used faked evidence and lies in court and lost so gardai rescued the children and returned them to their mother.

  3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    This would make a great revamped 2021 Stations of the Cross;
    1. He denies authorities
    2. He falls for the first time

    1. K. Cavan

      Great idea! Got a crown of thorns, a bit of lumber & maybe a few nails lying about?

  4. Gavin Stokes

    Not a fan of the church, but I don’t understand how B&Q can open but a church cant. Surely if you just allowed a certain amount in and ran services all day, they could all atteend…no?

      1. Gavin Stokes

        LOL..oh yeah forgot…I don’t have one anyway and my patio furniture is built-in…so good on both counts

      2. Cian

        yeah. Patio furniture, and generally staying outdoors is good to stop the spread of covid.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          sure churches are huge drafty places, unless you’re a congregation of soft sinners with carpet and heating, creature comforts that take your mind off the lord’s suffering and then sure you’re going to hell anyway

    1. Cian

      depends on what you need from B&Q;
      They stock essential stuff (as well as non-essential)

  5. Cian

    Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski was made to kneel while being arrested

    was he made to kneel?
    We saw him kneeling, but didn’t see him being forced to kneel. Funny that the video missed that part.

    1. Johnny

      Calgary eh….site of the prophets ‘crucification’..its part of the the plan…duh… like a reenactment or a sign ,for low intelligence cult followers.

        1. Johnny

          there are no coincidences Cian,its all pat of the plan,Bill Gates wife started meeting divorce lawyers,just after he started hanging out with Epstein,Bill was quite taken by how ‘attractive’ Jeff’s life was,coincidence i think not….great see so much support for the Catholic Church on here,how many pro priest’s post now,get off your knees father can he not find an alter boy ?

    1. scottser

      the courts issued a warrant for their arrest. it would be worse if the cops were seen to be able to pick and choose which court orders they actually enforce. you know, like last week when the gardai sat back and watched a traveller wedding despite being instructed to close it down?

      1. Clampers Outside

        In fairness, likely done to avoid a fracas. There is such a thing as avoiding escalation.

        If they had gone in to the wedding and it kicked off, the gardai would have been said to have been, as is usual commentary, too heavy handed.

        They made a choice not to stoke it.

        I wish they could handle all cases in the same way, but there ya go. It is what it is, and yes, it is a “special treatment”, I believe, to avoid escalation.

        Me, I don’t agree with ‘special treatment’.
        But do you go in and ask them all to go home? And when they resist, which they will, do you then leave and return in your riot gear? It’d be foolish not to have protective gear, don’t you think?…

        Or forget all that… And do as was done.

        What would you have done, in fairness?

          1. scottser

            in fairness cian, i would have tear gassed the oireachtas golf do and those anti-vax protests too. cos, who doesn’t love an oul tear gassing?

  6. U N M U T U A L

    no need for oxygen, when some are quite content spending the day smelling their own farts!

    It’s also worth noting that there are some in here that might be suffering from an ‘I’ disorder called “Alt Sh*te Vision”… Where the afflicted can spot the ‘Fash’ on the periphery of a situation… Just not directly up front!… and especially not in the mirror… Some maintain it’s a real condition others think it might be psychosomatic in nature…

  7. K. Cavan

    Calgary, Canadian Wild West frontier city, my sister lived there for a few years but it’s named after somewhere in Scotland, as far as I remember, rather than Golgotha.

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