Alan Again, Naturally


From top: Alan McLoughlin; part of David Squires’ cartoon tribute in The Guardian today

This morning.

Guardian cartoonist David Squires pays a finely drawn tribute to beloved former Republic of Ireland midfielder Alan McLoughin, who died on May 4 at 54. Full cartoon at link below.

David Squires on … Alan McLoughlin, my first football hero (The Guardian)

Thanks Scottser

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6 thoughts on “Alan Again, Naturally

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Squires is a genius, you recognise who he’s drawing, you appreciate the humour and when it comes to tributes, he’s fulsome and kind.

    1. goldenbrown

      love Squires
      every week without fail
      and there’s always a couple of gems in the comments too

      1. scottser

        same as that daisy and gb, it’s not tuesday until squires has been read.
        this was such a great tribute because squires was a genuine fanboy and alan was such an unsung hero for us.

    2. Liam

      his tribute to Big Jack was a real tear-jerker, as was his farewell to Arsene Wenger (who, I should add, is not dead).

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