‘Unjustified Force’ Against The ‘Entirely Innocent’


This afternoon.

Ten killed at Ballymurphy were ‘entirely innocent’, inquest finds (RTÉ)

Northern Ireland: Inquest slams British army over 1971 Belfast shootings (Reuters)


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7 thoughts on “‘Unjustified Force’ Against The ‘Entirely Innocent’

  1. Spot of Bodge

    Is there nothing to be said for posting another of Eamon Delaney’s ‘aren’t the British army lovely and fluffy’ pieces, just to take the edge off this unsavoury ruling. Gosh, considering the timing of his British army fellatio, I wonder who Eamon works for … hmm … who could it be …?

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Cue more British army apologists for the likes of Dennis Hutchings arguing that it was soooo long ago and all the witnesses are now dead (especially the man Hutchings shot in the back) so let’s just move on okay and leave these old men alone?

    They prosecuted german soldiers into their 90s for war crimes. These soldiers should be no different.

  3. Gringo

    Killing for the queen is always a smart career move and anyway the brits have a very effective PR system in place. It even works it’s magic on Broadsheet!

  4. Cú Chulainn

    A Justice of sorts.. the bravery, honesty, dignity and perseverance of the families is a reminder to us all of how hard we must fight and continue to fight for justice and to hold government to account. It is a great day, but after almost 50 years is also tremendously upsetting it has taken this long.

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