“We Will Not Be Going Back To The Water Charges Issue”


This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Arriving earlier for a cabinet meeting were, from top:From top Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan; Tanaiste Leo Varadkar and Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Mr Martin said that over the next five years over 50,000 social housing units will be built.

The Taoiseach added that the Government needs to do more in providing affordable housing and to give first-time buyers priority in the marketplace.

He said the immediate issue is to deal with the issue of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and their impact on first-time buyers…


Meanwhile…on a suggestion by the OECD yesterday that the country needs to reconsider the introduction of domestic water charges,…

…the Taoiseach said the Government will not be “going back” and trying to reintroduce water charges.

Mr Martin said the Government have been investing strongly in water infrastructure and will continue to do so, but that water charges “will not be coming back“.

Climate minister Eamon Ryan had said “we will not be going back to the water charges issue” and that the Oireachtas all-party committee has a plan in relation to water infrastructure and will “stick to that”

Housing issue is ‘number one priority’ – Taoiseach (RTE)

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7 thoughts on ““We Will Not Be Going Back To The Water Charges Issue”

  1. eoin

    Lies, corruption, ineptitude…and even a bit of borderline insanity. Welcome to Irish politics. Ban mass property sales to the funds Mr Martin or shut the F up.

      1. Rob_G

        Just as a matter of interest, what proportion of housing in Ireland would you think is owned by cuckoo funds?

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      You can’t ban
      and even if they did stop foreign owned entities acquiring residential properties, all they’d do is register a p.o. box set up here, or acquire a piddling estate agents, all that can be done over a weekend
      Besides any ban would take upwards for five years to actually take affect in a way you would actually notice

      but what you can do now is legislate
      – for the income they generate in Ireland, and how it should be accounted for, and taxed
      – for the assets they hold in Ireland, and how they should be accounted for, depreciated etc, capital allowances they are entitled to, what deductibles are permitted/ cut offs
      All these Corporate/ Trust/ REIT, Private Equity Fund type structures that buy whole blocks of multiple unit dwellings, and entire folios/ developments of single units as investment rental properties, should only be allowed charge Differential Rent rates,
      that will stop the rental market being price fixed
      and also level the playing field with the other everyday Case V landlord

      1. seanydelight

        They’re here because of a tax break, remove it and the supply issue would ease, very considerably and very quickly.

        Also, he is absolutely not going in to government with Fin…. Actually nevermind

    2. one username per commenter please

      It will be a early warning levee for ensuring by constant testing of human waste for COVID 19
      so we can have liberty
      I can see it now mickey Martin telling us it’s a small price of freedom

  2. Dr.Fart

    For the first time, Varadkar isn’t chipping in his opinion on it. That’s because when he’s in power, if he wants to torpedo someone out of the picture, he can give them the noble task of trying to re-intorduce water charges. They’ll be gone (like labour) and he can stand blameless to the side, as Kenny did with labour.

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