You Will Be Tested



The 2015 Electric Picnic in Stradbally, county Laois 2015

This morning.

“In fact it feels like it’s safe to produce an event where everybody is tested. Literally everybody. The staff, the workers, the security, the bar staff, the food traders, as well as the festival goers themselves.”

Melvin Benn, Electric Picnic organiser


Also: YokesYokesYokes, etc.


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8 thoughts on “You Will Be Tested

  1. goldenbrown

    (6 months from now…)
    it’s all your own fault plebs, partying
    ye just perceive that the housing market is fupped
    when in fact it’s yer smashed avocado on toast, fancy gym memberships and EP weekends away that’s causing ye not to have enough money for that €450k affordable home. or the rent.
    get up earlier! work harder! save harder! try selling a kidney already!

    1. one username per commenter please

      This is not the UK we have half the numbers vaccinated i

  2. george

    I’ll believe them if they’re spending their own money. There is a risk here that a lot of small business will end up not being paid if they spend money preparing for this event and it is then cancelled. It could put many out of business.

  3. Gabby

    Without expensive events like the Electric Picnic modern life for many people aged 14-35 is a Big Void.

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