18 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

  1. ce

    You know it’s bad when the IMF tells you to sort out your housing…

    Also, I fully support the spreading of undercover poo-patrols across the while country … seriously the place is a mess… while I have noticed a decrease in the bags-hanging-of trees-or fences-approach to waste management, no there just seems to be less people even bothering to scoop it up…

    I wonder what the IMF think about our dog-poo situation?

  2. ce

    Also… Púca statue… I do admit that while I usually picture the hare-like Púca when I think of them, I think it looks great…

      1. Cú Chulainn

        It’s what a Púca statue should be.. I’d like to see erected in a space that was half hidden so people had to make a conscious effort to engage.. that would be great… also, an owl has made a Star front page appearance. Can’t be long now…

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Here’s the big nuke Donal: we’ll die. And even if we left our planet pristine, the sun is going to explode then implode then explode again, turning the entire solar system into space dust. Which is what we, and everything we can see are: Space dust.

      1. Donald McCarthy

        My interest is more in anthropogenic climate collapse and near-term extinction rather than some fairly distant cosmic event over which we have no agency. But you know this.

        1. Unreal

          I’m more a man that would welcome a multitude of plagues myself, preferably flesh eating bacteria first, then toxic worms which burrow into your urethra, and finally a type of rabid furry frenzied gerbil which enters a person’s rear end

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        To quote the eminent and excellent Preston Esq and Logan – “All we are is dust in the wind.”

    1. one username per commenter please

      If given a final word wish it would be to make up her unmade bed

  3. Donald McCarthy

    Naturally I am drawn to stratospheric degradation. Even though we doomers are quite overloaded with an empire of empirical evidence, it’s always good to squeeze another nuke into the white van.

  4. NobleLocks

    Delighted to see the Marqee torn down along with the wedding parties hopes of creating a super spreader event.

    1. paul

      I’d say the Guards will be on the look out as they might just have the event anyway.

  5. :-Joe

    Wait a minute, what’s really going on right now with Palestine and Israel?….


    Katie Halper(Broadcaster, Journalist, Rolling Stone Inc.) interviews Norman Finkelstein(Intellectual, Author, Professor, Political Scientist)

    Norm is recognised internationally as the leading scholar and authority on the facts of the insane lunatic zionist tyranny controlled state of Israel and their decades long(almost 60-years) history of criminally racist and abusive foreign policies, apartheid, genocide and relentess mass-murder of and against the Palestinian people.

    It’s not all grim and desperate though.. It could finally be the beginning of the end for the illegal zionist tyranny in Palestine. I’m not holding my breath, tbh.

    The latest truths based on the most undisputable facts, enjoy !..

    TLDR: Israel or Palestine bad?.. Answer= Norm Finkelstein
    – Brain: Norm, Norm Norm.. Nom, Nom. Nom.. Mmmm..



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