14 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. ce

    Was it because of the magnet post?

    Or the space owls from The Star are invading?

    Or some bored 12 year old in the Ukraine has decided to take down the whole internet and this is just the beginning?

    1. ian-oG

      You can’t take down the *whole* internet as some people are now acting as nodes via 5G vaccines apparently so you would have to literally destroy EVERYTHING and we’d have noticed that. Although I am quite busy so maybe I missed it?



        1. ce

          No cats are the useful idiots… something more sinister going on… definitely the owls

        2. V AKA Frilly Keane

          D’mind your magnets
          Or your cats n’owls

          There’s yer ‘wan there
          Going in for an operation and coming out of it with a Cork Accent
          Sleeper PROC stuff

          Oul’ Q wasn’t up to sussing out the Langers now
          Was he

          Mind you
          I wouldn’t rule out that Púca incarnation

      1. ian-oG

        I’d *stick* with that assumption Bodger. But only if you align your Poles.

        Place Piotr to the south and Magda to the North.

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