If It’s Not Woke, Fix It


Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast presented by William Campbell (right) meet’s Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns (left), the party’s spokeswoman on agriculture, food and the marine, and further and higher education and disability.

William writes:

The Social Democrats are perhaps the wokest party we have in Ireland, but how sound is their reasoning? Prominent new TD Holly Cairns on this and the effects – and causes of the difference in earnings between men and women…

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Here’s How

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27 thoughts on “If It’s Not Woke, Fix It

  1. Tony

    Is the difference in earnings between men and women a ‘woke’ issue?

    Id have thought it was just a fairness issue, no?

    1. William Campbell

      No, but the issue is frequently mis- and over-stated, and I think that there is a reluctance to challenge inaccurate statements for fear of seeming insufficiently woke.

      1. ian-oG


        ”You keep on using this word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”

        Said Inigo to Vizzini.

        1. ian-oG

          I am fupping ”woke” since about 5AM because we got the roof sorted a few months back so the starling have nowhere to get into the attic to nest but what have we now? Swallows….chirpy chirp chirp all morning, every morning.

          I mean I like the birdies and all but folks*, keep it down please!

          My innate wokism kicked in and I changed ‘chaps’ to ‘folks’.


    2. Andrew

      It’s woke in the sense that like most woke
      issues it’s exaggerated or doesn’t exist at all. Pay disparities have little to do with gender, because it’s illegal and that’s been the case for a long time.
      There’s terrible inequality in Ireland, it’s not down to gender though.
      Identity politics is lazy

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    Equality is not Woke

    and wtf is this about the Soc Dems being the wokest party we have in Ireland
    Like demanding accountability, transparency and yeah, equality
    are not hashtag woke stuff

    They are – loadsa things, but for simplicity,
    lets just call them minimum standards in a functioning democracy

  3. eoin

    Wokism is doomed. It is anti-common sense and anti-reality and will not last. If you want to see what happens when a political party engages with wokism, just cast your eye at Labours recent disaster in the UK by-elections.

  4. Clampers Outside

    Just Google “Harvard study on gender pay gap” and you’ll find a link to a pdf of the study that concludes that all but a couple of percent difference in pay can be accounted for by the choices men and women make.

    There is no “pay gap” in the manner that is touted by activists saying men get paid more for the same job.

    And that reputable study is one of many.

    Next issue.

    1. Clampers Outside

      And all that is pretty much mentioned in the link.
      It would appear the discussion is more about job choices to those who don’t work a full time job, then an earnings difference discussion. I think a better header would do, in fairness. I’ll have a listen in the bike home later all the same.

      1. Bitnboxy

        This survey has been criticised but of course not by David Quinn of the Iona Institute, who delighted in tweeting about it enthusiastically a while back. By life choices, you of course mean maternity leave and part-time and/or flexi-work, the latter which women take to look after children. For most women this invariably retards them in their career if they go back to a full time role later. You cannot but agree with the proposition that the higher up you go in a private company the fewer women you encounter, particularly at board level.

        The majority of men, even in those countries where paternity and parental leave are available, tend not to take them as the perception is still that men should not occupy a primary carer role and this could be career suicide. Until there is equity in terms of sharing childcare responsibilities and men encouraged to take paternity and other familial leaves including going part-time (particularly if the woman earns a higher wage), the harder it will be for most women to rise to the upper echelons of their career. To be fair, men are beginning to take their familial leave entitlements in Ireland.

        So while the “gender pay gap” is a misnomer Mr. Itchy McScratchy, there is certainly still a gender equality of opportunity gap.

        1. Clampers Outside

          Exactly boxy. So we are in agreement for the most part then.
          The headline, is misleading. Its clickbait. It should reference the choices made, and those whose choices are limited.

  5. Aido

    I found William’s habit of yelling “pause pause pause” at his guest like they’re alexa particularly irksome in this episode.

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