Sculptor Aidan Harte and his Púca of Ennistymon, county Clare


This morning.

Further to Clare County Council’s decision to ‘pause’ plans to install a €30,000 statue of a mythical half-man, half horse…

…Via The Times:

The Púca of Ennistymon sculpture should be put up in the capital if the people of Clare oppose the artwork due to superstitions, Dublin city councillors have said.

The artist behind the work told The Times that he would prefer it to be erected in the Clare town, but would be open to it being moved elsewhere if locals rejected it.

Dublin ready to host ‘grotesque’ Púca statue after Clare locals fear bad luck (The Times)

Puca Paused But Division Remains In Ennistymon (Clare Champion)

Pic: Aidan Harte


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13 thoughts on “Dublin-Bound

  1. Mary

    It’s atrociously ugly. And there’s more than enough ugly “sculptures” funded by Clare County Council already.

  2. eamonn

    That just solved the shergar mystery for me.
    On a more serious note, you shouldn’t mess with the sidhe at all.
    You know what they say – “Shur ’tis a horse of a man that can “poop” while he’s walking”

  3. Fergalito

    I think it’s class … really cool.

    More of our pagan past manifest in such ways please.

    And sure wouldn’t the Púca only take you on his back through the air to an underground location, make you play the uileann pipes for a gaggle of old, haggard women who would eventually be transformed into beautiful fairies who would each throw you a gold coin for your trouble and the Púca would even give you a lift home.

    Less superstition about these wonderful myths and legends and more alacrity when it comes to the realities of how those who were supposed to wield their power in the Republic in a democratic and equitable way but instead destroyed generations with their mythic “old man in the sky” codology.

    1. eamonn

      well said,
      I reckon it is a fine piece of work myself, would love one for the garden, no chance of a broadsheet competition I suppose ?


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