Opposites Distract

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This morning.

Man ‘debunks’ the vaccine magnet challenge using baby powder on sticky skin.

That’s settled that then.



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5 thoughts on “Opposites Distract

  1. K. Cavan

    To be honest, most people would baulk at having any vaccine if they knew how they were produced & what goes into them, fetal tissue & monkey viruses are nothing unusual & a lot of this is not actually worth worrying about but these Sars02 shots are not normal vaccines, they’re not vaccines at all, strictly speaking (& I am). The annual flu jabs, for example, contain virus particles injected into hens eggs, where they reproduce but, without a functioning cell ribosome, the virions have no genome, they’re blanks, the shell of a virus without the machinery. They take these blanks out of the eggs & manufacture the flu shots from them, along with a lot of other stuff I won’t mention, because flu shots are good, for vulnerable people & I don’t want to put anyone off getting them.

    1. ce

      I eat food and at then a lot of weird stuff comes out, especially if corn or yogurt or cheese is involved…

      I’m going to stop eating corn, cheese, and yogurt – I advise you all to do the same


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