Thousands gather to celebrate the Yes result in the Marriage Equality Referendum in Dublin Castle Courtyard on May 23, 2015

Kevin writes:

My poem in response to yesterday evening’s episode of [RTÉ One’s] Reeling In The Years, which covered 2015. I wrote the poem below in the immediate aftermath of the (overwhelming) passing of the Marriage Equality referendum in that year.

A Day of Just Yes

Word is:

the system of storms
building mid-Atlantic has now
obligingly cancelled itself out;

all remaining car accidents
have been put off until tomorrow;

no further bankruptcy notices
will come into existence
until at least Monday,
as there’s no one home
to open the envelopes;

the shadow on your mother’s
right lung will not be detectable
on an x-ray until next Wednesday
week at the earliest;

elected representatives
are permitted, for one day only,
to walk the streets openly
shaking peoples’ hands
without anyone wanting
to lock them in the boot
of an ancient Ford Escort
to think about what they’ve done
and what they’ve failed to do;

commentators from across
the ideological spectrum agree,
even Auntie Bridie’s sciatica
is better than it was
this time last week;

the other side’s slogans are,
this morning, flags
madly cheering
your victory;

the roof top crows for once
maintain a dignified silence
and appear to be enjoying
this sunshine,
which the old lady in the paper shop
says is promised
to last.

Kevin Higgins

Reeling in the Years : 2015 (RTÉ)


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22 thoughts on “Kevin Higgins: 2015

  1. Rob_G

    Most normal people don’t want to bundle politicians into the boots of Ford Escorts, even if they do disagree with their policies.

  2. NobleLocks

    And at the same time we all voted in the Gender Recognition act which allowed people to have the state recognize their “preferred gender” and I’d say that 99% of voters didn’t know that this was even part of the ballot. They didn’t know because GRC’s were added two weeks before the Gay rights vote, very quietly and on the advice of the UK law firm Dentons who said to get GRC’s in on the back of popular legislation.

    So even though “trans” has absolutely nothing to do with gay rights, (too many people still believe the trans is Gay 2.0, it’s not, in the vast majority of cases these are straight autogynephile males) the deception was complete.

    Denton’s went on to publicly congratulate the TRA’s in Ireland for successfully deceiving the Irish people in the now famous “Dentons Documents”. Deception… the hallmark of “AGPtrans” rights everywhere.

      1. NobleLocks

        Nope: LGB. The LGB Alliance. You know the ones the T’s have smeared like crazy to silence and howled in protest when the charity commission in the UK found every single smear to be empty and gave the LGB Alliance charity status. That one.

        Try there’s a good thread there in the LGB section that shows when and where the T used the LGB’s from @ 2005 onwards.

        Or you could listen to the interview of Fred Sargent on Youtube, you know the gay rights activist who was at the actual Stonewall riots and saw it all first hand, and now he’s seeing the T weave in their Lies about how it wasn’t gay men and women who started the Stonewall riot, it was a T woman of colour lol according to the T’s and because so many of the original Stonewall men and women died in the AIDS epidemic, the T’s lies are working. I told you that they are coming for the Gays first Nigel…

        1. Nigel

          It’s always been LGBT. That’s the way the acronym was coined. They have every right to criticise an organisation founded solely to exclude and attack them. But certainly, painting trans people as malevolent liars doesn’t make you transphobuic, I’m sure.

        2. millie bobby brownie

          Noblelocks, can I ask, is there a specific reason that your language describing trans people is so caustic? What is so abhorrent about these people that you feel compelled to comment so aggressively on every thread where trans issues are discussed?

          Serious question, by the way, because I don’t understand the hate.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Now that Ireland has marriage equality and we’ve repealed the 8th, the bigots have turned on trans people to vent their prejudices. LGB Alliance is a US conservative backed, astroturf hate group.

      1. Nigel

        Actually, never mind, I don’t really want to be knocking the guy’s poetry any more, he’s just doing his thing, putting it out there, fair play.

    1. Lilly

      Don’t get too high on jubilation, we’re still up schits creek without a paddle seems to be the gist of it.

        1. Paulus

          Kevin Higgins is that type of poet
          To whom rhyme is anathma so it
          is best to adjourn
          while he hits Return
          At random but tries not to show it

  3. Broadbag

    Reminds me of when I was a teenager and used to bash out noise on my guitar and convinced myself it was music and/or art, Kevin has convinced himself his collection of snide observations somehow constitute poetry, thankfully I grew up, Kevin alas…


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