7 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

    1. :-Joe

      “Mondays Papers”…?

      Ye, I agree 100%.. Surely there must be better ones out there somewhere or a new or improved better way to do it in the first place..


  1. GiggigyGoo

    We suddenly have cyber experts then? And they can look over the HSE IT systems? Brilliant!

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Since this data breach of HSE records, has anyone been formally contacted about their personal records? Given that bank details are part of this data, it would be advisable to change all of your login details. A citizen communication strategy is dangerously lacking, as always.

  3. Kate

    The crook Moloney of Bothar mission statement reads ” Values are transparency, accountability and empowerment ” and I note state aid 2017 /2018 amounts to 280,000 . Apparently Mr Ireton who took his life recently left in his will “a parcel of land ” to Moloney. A den of thieves in “charities” so beware .

    1. italia'90

      How much did Pete leave in his will to Bothar or any other Irish charity?
      I’m going to hazard a guess…

  4. Papi

    Hey, just because
    Gratulerer med dagen!
    It’s Norways National Day!
    Jeg vil bare si det.

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