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  1. dav

    I see the brits are going to be holidaying in Europe again… as if Europe hasn’t suffered enough..

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Well, they bought/buy lot of property out there so it’s not just egg and chips they’re buying.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I follow a British living in France cooking page just so I can crack up as they moan about the ingredients in France …muuuhahahaha

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            yesterday you had an entertaining thread about a woman who wanted to freeze wine….
            mostly cuts of meat that are different,
            what on earth to do with some gibbier a kindly neighbor had dropped in, and what flours and creams to use in their English recipes… moaning about sausages and the usual suspects, I find it very entertaining

    1. eamonn

      It would make not a jot of a difference to what is happening.
      The Israeli Govt not likely to be swayed by Irish Newspaper Headlines.
      Or even The UN Security Council, who won’t call for a ceasefire ?

      Like Michael Jackson said,- “Don’t Stop ‘Till you Get Enough”.

        1. eamonn

          No, not what I meant at all. You misunderstand.
          Apologies, didn’t mean it to seem so.
          For what it is worth, I am disgusted by what is happening.
          The point I was trying to make is; for all the difference it will make to
          The Israeli Govt, you could put bill boards all over Ireland – the most they might do is to try and bully the Irish Govt into taking them down. It seems they are ignoring international opinion, international law. On that basis I don’t see any much hope of headlines on Irish newspapers making any difference.

          If you object, try avoiding spending your money on products coming from there.

          1. goldenbrown

            on eamonn, no worries…

            what I’m getting at more is that we’re not hearing about what’s going on because the Israelis and their friends don’t want us to hear about it…the brutal brazenness of how they took out that media centre the other day tells you all you need to know about how importantly they view their PR. but nearly worse still our own media is being manipulated in plain sight bigtime here….they’re either willfully wrapped around their fingers or scared to death of being accused of being anti-semitic (load of blx) either way it’s unacceptable to me but I’m just a bit surprised it came to these shores I guess.

            oh and thanks for the hint, I’m already boycotting, that’s definitely something we can all do!

    2. scottser

      no word even about the pressure biden is under from his own party as he refuses to back off his support for israel.

  2. SOQ

    How convenient there is a mutant ninja variant running around England just right as the pubs and shops are opening up again. You don’t need to be mystic meg to predict a spike upon the beginning of normal social interactions. Although in fairness- Texas’s numbered continued to fall after they opened up.

    There is more spinning about India right now than a ballerina on speed. The images of funeral pyres and bodies floating on the Ganges omit to mention that water and fire are the traditional means of Hindu body disposal. It’s full on scaremongering- China mark II.

    On May 16th Stanford Professor Michael Levitt tweeted “The current outbreak of COVID-19 in India is ending faster than expected. Exponential growth factor H(t) continues decreasing linearly for both cases & deaths. Daily cases peaked & daily deaths peak soon.”

    And on May 17th tweeted “If this is last outbreak in India & in USA this year, then the reported COVID-19 deaths will reach 500K in India & 700K in US. Normalized by population, gives India ~360/million & US ~2,200/million. Bottom line: India is 18% of US. Not sure why?”

    Read that again- India has just 18% of US cases.

    1. Cian

      Is that the same Stanford Professor Michael Levitt that said
      – Italy would only have 17,000-20,000 deaths? (currently over 124,000)
      – Switzerland with 500 deaths? (currently at 10.744)
      – Israel “no more than 10 deaths” (currently at 6,389)
      – the pandemic would end in the United States in 2020 and kill no more than 175,000 Americans? (currently over 586,000)

      that Stanford Professor Michael Levitt ?


  3. italia'90

    I hope you don’t think me too presumptuous,
    but in light of current events I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a statement on behalf
    of the fine journalists/contributors and publisher at Broadsheet.

    “Broadsheet Calls On Israel To Bomb Broadsheet Towers In Case Any Hamas Agents Hiding Out There”

    1. Unreal

      As they are all rats and rat licking enthusiasts Italia there will be few if any casualties and indeed such an action may just further fuel the resistance !


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