7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Papers

      1. ce


        The Star’s selfless dedication to informing and protecting the public from all manner of gull and rodent based danger is staggering… and they occasional provide of novelty face masks… and The Star is a superior form of kindling compared to The Sun…

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I think O’Callaghan will oversee a bounce in DBS.. mostly driven by disaffected O’Connell voters.. that will give them a last gasp of air, herald O’Callahan as the next leader and they will be lucky to pick up more than 15 seats ever after. The new old Labour Party in a way.

      1. ce

        I’m not sure there will be an O’Callaghan bounce, we’ll see, maybe people are that stupid…

        But “The new old Labour Party in a way”… definitely, with their previous vote split between FG and SF.

        It remains to be seen how much younger FG but-can’t-buy-a-house voters go to the SocDems or perhaps do a bit of surprise ‘virtue’ signalling with the Greens, cause the SocDems are just a bit too commie.

        In any event, messy negotiations to form the next government… if we get that far and are not destroyed by Russian Hackers or Psycho Gulls…

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