‘Cautious And Gradual’


Thius morning.

Taoiseach Michael Martin on RTÉ Radio One’s Claire Byrne Live.



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  1. Dr.Fart

    people rubbishing caution need to pipe down. people seem to be ignoring that nearly everyone who works in retail, hospitality etc. are ages not yet vaccinated. So as things re-open, they’re staffed and visited by people not vaccinated. In response some people will argue “young people don’t get effected badly by covid tho”.. to which I say; there’s variants that ARE effecting young people badly. Second of all, the virus doesn’t stop with the person who gets it. So even if not badly effected themselves, they can spread it around. These are facts that the likes of Bodger and his pals like to push to the side.

    1. Mr. T

      What variants are these that are affecting young people badly?

      Your post is a load of smelly hot air, Dr Fart

          1. Mr. T

            It’s a very minor risk for young people.
            Majority of young people who test positive dont even have symptoms. Overwhelming majority of young people who test positive dont have to get admitted to hospital.

            Even the stat posted above is telling – the entire <45 age group had 54 deaths. Thats a massive amount of the population. If you took a slice at <35 you'd cut out 2/3rds of those deaths too.

          2. E'Matty

            We don’t shut down society for non fatal affects of any other illness. What makes this virus so special Cian? Pure conditioned hysteria. Long Covid is not enough of a threat to health to justify the destruction wrought by lockdowns. If we had been told last March that we would be restircting our society to prevent people getting Long Covid, people would have laughed at the suggestion. It’s equally laughable now outside of the Branch Covidian bubble of fear and cowardice.

          3. Micko

            Yup. A very good point Mr.T

            We used to be given a complete breakdown of all ages.

            But, for the last few months (Early Feb) they’ve grouped together everyone “under 45”

            Why? Prob because 54 Under 45’s dying is scarier than <5 under 25’s dying.

          4. Micko

            Speaking of how bad Covid is for the young.

            I’ve two pals who both had Covid in Jan when I had too.

            Both had to take the obligatory two weeks off work even though they were feeling fine and both these lads are now caught in their own “Covid BS bubble.”

            They had to make out that their infection was much more serious, or else “why weren’t they working” during their time off. Sure, they were already working from home anyway.

            So they made out they were sicker to not be annoyed by work for the two weeks ;)

            Both now have to continue to say to work colleagues that they had covid really bad, even though both of them were pretty much asymptomatic.

            Anecdotal I know, but I wonder how many of them are out there.

          5. Nigel

            Your pals are weird. We know several local families that caught covid and had to isolate, and they had no problem telling people their symptoms were mild to non-existent and everyone was very happy and relieved for them.

          6. Micko

            “Your pals are weird”

            That may be true. In fact I know it is :)

            Honestly, I think they just felt pressure to “be sicker” or why the hell weren’t they working.

            They both work in fairly high pressure IT jobs, so they both felt that saying “I feel fine but you still won’t see me for two weeks regardless” wouldn’t have been looked upon very favourably.

            Again, they were already working from home. So what’s the difference if they felt fine.

            Anyway, it’s just two examples.

            I’m sure NO ONE else would do similar – my pals are just weird.

          7. Cian

            We don’t shut down society for non fatal affects of any other illness. What makes this virus so special Cian

            True. Thing is, we *did* shut things down.
            Despite shutting things down there were 54 deaths in the under 45s;

            If we hadn’t shut down this would have been higher. If we had the same 0-44 death rate as the UK we would be looking at more than double the deaths: 127

            age 0…44
            UK: 1,609 deaths in 37,190,000 people.
            Ireland 54 deaths in 2,921,000 people.

          8. Ray

            “If we did not shut down, deaths woulda been higher”. Other Euro countries with older populations than ours shut down less than us and had fewer deaths.

      1. Dr.Fart

        lads lads lads .. you might have a point if it was one or two countries. But this whole “This is a load of nonsense” doesn’t wash when its LITERALLY EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. its obviously serious. A lot of people like you lot lack two things: logic and empathy. People who lack both of these are pointless to debate with, coz usually stubborn ignorance is present in this demographic of people. So continue by all means, to post links to spurious articles from the internet to each other, I won’t be opening them, because literally anyone can write anything on the internet, it doesn’t make it fact.

        1. Micko

          “ because literally anyone can write anything on the internet, it doesn’t make it fact.”

          Does that include the HSE’s own stats? – coz 54 dead under 45 is a fact ;)

          That’s about 3 people a month over the past 15 months.

          A minor risk el doctor farto…

          1. Dr.Fart

            I know from previous chat, you don’t value the life of anyone over 80 or so. I would argue that anyone dying before their time is not cool. Now 3 people under 45 EVERY month is very sad. So young, and just gone like that. And if we didn’t lockdown there’d be way more. I defo wouldn’t call it a minor risk. Id call it, people definitely dying and the clear fact, being the more open and loose everything is, the more people definitely die. And that’s even excluding people who suffer long term effects having survived.

          2. SOQ

            And how many people under 45 die in total ever month Dr Flatulence? How many from the flu or pneumonia? Speaking about Covid-19 fatalities without context is of no use.

            Sars-Cov-2 appears to infect everyone equally but the development of Covid-19 is VERY age specific- average age of death is 80- and they couldn’t even keep the nursing homes safe.

        2. Micko

          “you don’t value the life of anyone over 80 or so”

          Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I said…

          Sure it is – like literally.*

          Jeez, Talk about ignoring the nuance of another persons viewpoint in order to virtue signal your own perceived moral superiority.


          *ahem, sarcasm old boy.

          1. Dr.Fart

            you did man! you were on here before saying “its only old people dying, and sure the’ve one foot in the grave already”, it was in relation to you being worried that your daughter lost one summer out of the 80 or so she’s going to have.

            and you can update my quote to “I CARE ABOUT PROTECTING PEOPLE FROM DYING NEEDLESSLY”

          2. Micko

            Pretty sure I said i couldn’t / didn’t care about people I didn’t know or come into contact with – Regardless of age. Maybe a little less eloquently ;)

            As to do so would be insane. Ye know – caring about 7 billion people etc. (Or even 4 million odd in Ireland)

            And that humans have this terrible habit of, ye know … dying – especially from natural causes in their 80’s – so we shouldn’t sacrifice the young ahead of them. (Missed cancer treatments, mental illness – the tsunami already starting etc)

            And that I was concerned that my daughter had already spent 20% of her short life (and formative years) in lockdown.

            Thankfully, we seem to have protected her from the worst of the mad zealots. She seems to still be chill – like her folks. ;)

            Some of her classmates however – their parents have terrified them. Poor nippers.

            Also, you might want to look into this there Doc.


            Something else for you to worry about.

  2. John F

    The public have been sold a pup on the reopening issue.
    And I use the word PUP very deliberately! With out the personal unemployment payment there would be a revolt in the morning.
    Various academics, public figures and politicians would happily see the controlled demolition of the economy evening is financially vulnerable to political control from outside forces in exchange for financial relief.

      1. scottser

        now cian, you’re mistaking a miserly payment to keep the economy going to the benefit of the ruling class with the equitable distribution of wealth and the workers owning the means of production.

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