This afternoon.

Guidelines for indoor dining are out.

Via Sean Defoe (Newstalk)

– Max 6 people over 13 (and some extra kids) at a table
105 minute rule
no live music
– no multiple bookings
2m between tables



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15 thoughts on “New Rules

  1. Broadbag

    It says 1m if you’ve adhered to Appendix 1…whatever is in there. I’m fine with 2m though, hate restaurants that shove tables on top of each other so you can’t have a proper conversation.

  2. SOQ

    Does anyone really think that wearing a mask while walking to and from a table is going to make a blind bit of difference?

    1. Mr. T

      Everyone knows that when you’re sitting down you’re too busy inhaling pints and spuds to exhale and spread germs

    2. scottser

      people can’t be trusted. a few oul pints and they’ll be laughin and spittin and lickin the face off of each other out the back, blowing smoke all over each other. and home for a ride – are they going to be wearing masks, huh? huh?

  3. George

    The required distance is not between tables it is between people at the tables. There’s a big difference and one metre is allowed. 1m between tables means basically no social distancing at all.

    1. Hank

      Ehh, no it’s not, it’s between tables. You seriously thought they were implementing rules where people sitting around the same table would have to be 1 metre/2 metres apart from each other??!!!
      They define it as “back of chair to back of chair”.

      1. Mr. T

        Yes, back of chair that person sits in.
        Ergo minimum 1m distance between people sitting on those chairs.

        Theyd hardly measure chair to chair when they are tucked under the table

        1. Hank

          The point is these two hypothetical chairs would be at different tables. There isn’t a rule for distance between chairs at the same table.

  4. eoin

    In other news today most people probably got the pox in December 2019 and never noticed. If you did you possibly have antibodies for life. And if you don’t and get very sick from this you still got a minimum of 98% chance of surviving even if you are old. But ignore all that….NO LIVE MUSIC!!!

  5. Kim The Cardassian

    What science is being followed for this load of nonsense? Is Ireland of particular risk compared to other countries?

    1. f_lawless

      Yes with the almost complete lack of push back from the public compared to other countries we were always going to be at increased risk of those out-of-control control freaks foisting yet more of this infantilising pseudo-scientific nonsense upon us ;)

  6. Hank

    The 105 minutes rule is particularly stupid. In what way would risk be increased by staying longer?? The only thing it encourages is people moving from establishment to establishment.
    It’s similar to the way the guards have been moving people who are sitting outside at the canal. Then they all just relocate to someone’s gaff.

    1. Anton Chigurh

      105 minutes, no multiple booking; but if I book 105 min slot, and my drinkin buddy books another sequentiallyunder his name, result! 210 minutes of scoops!
      What a farce.

    2. Zaccone

      Its absolutely nuts. It just shows a complete lack of evidence based decision making.

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