Middle Age Spread

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This afternoon.

Aged 40 to 44?

Your vaccine registration portal will be open from Wednesday.

Via RTÉ:

[Minister for Health] Stephen Donnelly said that those aged 44 will be able to register on Wednesday, with 43 year olds able to register on Thursday, those aged 42 on Friday, 41 on Saturday and 40 year olds on Sunday….

Vaccine portal to open for 44 year olds on Wednesday (RTE)

Earlier: V Day


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22 thoughts on “Middle Age Spread

  1. Micko

    Not really needed though is it? Vulnerable yes, but not young healthy people.

    Over 3 million under 45’s in Ireland.

    54 of those under 45 have died with Covid. Just 54 – across two winter /covid seasons

    So that’s 54 out of 3 million people

    Or 0.0018% – pretty tiny.

    Numbers are here for all to see – if you’re bothered with actual facts instead of scaremongering.


          1. Micko

            The HSE disagree with you Orla.

            “There is some new evidence to show that the vaccines MAY reduce you spreading COVID-19 to other people but more research is needed.”


            We should not be offering this to people still thinking about having children. The risk of death is unbelievably tiny for those under 45 and we have no idea of the possible long term effects of the vaccines. .Hopefully there won’t be any ;)

            Most of the cases in the last few months have been under 45’s in Ireland. Like, 75% of cases have been under 45. Literally thousands of people every week.

            And yet, still no bodies in the streets – only 45 dead across two entire winter seasons.

            We need to slow this Vax program down and think rationally.

          2. Oro

            Your own link also disagrees with you M.

            “It is much safer for your immune system to learn how to protect you from COVID-19 through vaccination than by catching the virus.”

            This whole time you’ve been saying bring infected rather than vaccinated gives you better immunity mais non?

            And the info confirming it lowers the spread is getting more impressive by the day. I’d say you have maybe two more weeks when you can get away with your “they don’t reduce spread”, see cdc link below:


            “A growing body of evidence indicates that people fully vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) are less likely to have asymptomatic infection or to transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others.”

            Enjoy holding onto the misinformation until the last tho :)

          3. Micko

            Yes Oro

            It is much safer for the OVER 45’s and those vulnerable to receive the vaccine. That’s fine – no disagreement there.

            Not for the under 45’s though. Who’s mortality rates are statistically negligible. 0.0018% mortality rate in Ireland.

            Again, I think protect the vulnerable and elderly with a vaccine and leave the young who want to have kids out of it.

            Is that opinion that radical? I have never stated the vaccine does not work or anything like that.

            I just don’t think we should be giving it to young people as scientists don’t know the long term side effects

            Do YOU know of any long term side effects?

            Hopefully there are none, but why would you potentially risk your child on the roll of a dice?

            You’d have to be a moron…

          4. Oro

            I know long term side effects of covid on under 45s.

            And your own link doesn’t make any discrimination to age. It says it’s safer to achieve immunity via vaccine rather than infection without qualification to age as in, for everyone. That’s your own link not mine! And you were quoting it as objective fact earlier so idk – you seem confused.

          5. Micko

            But, would you give it to your kids? (Don’t know if you have any)

            But as I asked Nigel. Let’s take it out the realm of Covid

            Would you give any medicine to your child that only had six months of testing and was for a disease that didn’t effect them?

            So it’s just to protect others and also there was a very tiny chance it could kill them or potentially harm them in the future since any long term side effects are currently unknown.

            Would you take that risk?

          6. Oro

            I don’t have kids. It can affect them. I would. Do you allow your kids sugar? Meat? Because if so I have bad news for you ;)

          7. Micko

            Pffft… you kids. Christ!

            “Sugar, meat.”

            WTF? My generation ate BLUE MR FREEZE’S by the truckload love.

            Stinger bars! Ever heard of them?

            It’s any wonder we were able to have kids at all…

    1. Nigel

      ’54 of those under 45 have died with Covid. Just 54 – across two winter /covid seasons’

      With lockdown, masking and social distancing. If you’re bothered with actual facts.

      1. K. Cavan

        And, Nigel, with our public health authorities claiming the Influenza Virus, a far more dangerous type of virus than the Common Cold Coronaviruses, has just vanished, which is utterly impossible. Social distancing under 24 feet is a complete waste of time, masks just divert breath, they don’t make it disappear magically & lockdowns only serve to weaken the human immune system. Nothing can stop the spread of a Coronavirus, it spreads far more efficiently, indoors. The 3 pillars of The Scamdemic were designed to make Sars02 into a disaster to be seized on by Klaus “Anal” Schwab & his acolytes (eg Simon “Bugman” Coveney) to “reshape, reimagine our blah, blah, blah”, which translates as Destroy The Economy & Society. Nuremburg 2 is coming, the Death Penalty will make a surprising comeback for the lying scum in politics & the media who’ve done this. Guillotine? Hanging? Electric Chair? I thought about them all before settling on Lethal Injection as the apposite choice. Jab ’em up!

      2. Micko


        75%+ of those whole caught it in the last several months have been aged under 45. How’s your masks and social dinstacing stopping that eh. It’s not

        Every night Houlahenananana on the TV telling us that “the young are spreading it” and “they are a danger to themselves”

        Over a Thousand cases most days in Dec, Jan this year.

        Yet only 54 dead out of 3000000 in 14 months.

        3 fupping Million – with NO vaccine

        You’ve been had Nigel. You can either realise it now or continue on with this rubbish (that obv suits you)

        The numbers don’t lie.

        1. Nigel

          December and January this year? When the lockdown was lifted? And, if they are spreading it, it means more vulnerable people are in danger, not to mention long-term consequences of a non-fatal dose. You just really don’t get the logic of a pandemic, do you?

          1. Micko

            Where are all the dead under 45 year old then?

            They were the most affected group with the most cases.

            Anyway, we’re never gonna agree.

            So, Ya gonna jab yer kids or what then?

          2. Micko

            Now, when you say “hysterical” – do you mean it like the “funny ha ha” type or what?

            Yeah, I’m gonna take it as the good funny meaning.

            So, on the kids thing?

            “Not a great plan…”

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