Calling The Shots


Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

This morning.

Via RTÉ:

In its latest letter to the Government, Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said that vaccination was proceeding at or ahead of schedule, with high uptake.

NPHET also said that the incidence of Covid-19 is at or below what model scenarios projected in late April, for the progressive reopening in May and this month.

Daily Covid-19 case numbers are relatively stable at 400 to 500 a day.

The number of patients in hospital or in ICU is declining slowly and there has also been a significant decrease in mortality.

NPHET described the picture as broadly optimistic, but said Ireland remains vulnerable as a large proportion of the population has yet to be vaccinated.

Increased confidence that easing restrictions is ‘low risk’ (RTÉ)



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12 thoughts on “Calling The Shots

  1. eoin

    Regarding Israel finding links with heart inflammation, there are papers coming out soon regarding the latest research into the jabs. None of it is good. They rushed these drugs to market and now as time passes the longer term effects will be revealed. The warning signs were there. Don’t claim they weren’t. The pharma companies refusing to accept any liability for damages should have been enough to warn any halfway smart person.

  2. SOQ

    NPHET also said that the incidence of Covid-19 is at or below what model scenarios projected in late April, for the progressive reopening in May and this month

    Has there even been a single time where the incidence was above model scenarios projected? I include Sweden, Florida and Texas in that question- and given that they are all coming in lower than hard lockdowns for 2020- you can leave the faith based ‘masks and lockdowns work’ guff out.

    1. SOQ

      Well he was driving around South William street apparently- in a bullet proof blacked out vehicle I expect.

  3. Dell

    So you are Prepared to take any and all reports on vaccine side effects seriously from main stream media but not any and all reports on the actual virus effects including long covid. Apparently Reuters is now reporting truth where it was telling lies when it was about covid related deaths and illness. The anti vaxxers showing yet again that their stance has nothing to do with their stellar research and all to do with finding anyone that will go along with what they want to believe.

    1. Micko

      Honestly, I think Reuters and other media will report anything that helps sell newspapers / get eyeball on screens.

      Journalism has long stopped caring what is true or not.

      They are not pro or anti vaccine.

      They are pro money.

      1. Dell

        I never said they were either . My point remains though that all year we have been hearing how corrupt they were and not to believe anything they report. Why , all of a sudden , are they to be believed?

        1. f_lawless

          It’s not a question of believing nothing you read in corporate media. It’s a simple fact of life that corporate media outlets often do promote the preferred narratives of powerful vested interest groups(for example, in the lead up to the Iraq war, public consent was manufactured by the media by amplifying the fake WMD threat and repeatedly connecting Saddam to 9/11. By the time the war began over 70% of US citizens believed this was this case, according to a survey).

          Therefore on contentious issues, it’s best to maintain a sceptical mindset and judge each corporate media article on its own merits.

          I think there’s plenty of narrative managing going on in that particular Reuters article. The problem of heart inflammation cases has finally been officially acknowledged by Israel’s Health Ministry. But they’ve been accused of downplaying the problem with false statistics by the “Israeli People’s Committee” an independent Israeli group including doctors, attorneys and researchers. No mention of this side of the story from Reuters. Notice also how the whole second half of the article is devoted to reassuring the reader that the Pfizer vaccine is both safe and effective, even quoting a US doctor who urges parents to get their kids vaccinated. The article is structured this way by design.

          1. Dell

            Oh please. You are still dancing around the fact that It’s been quoted here to support a narrative . But should anyone else use them to support the opposite narrative, then it’s all lies and msm can not be trusted.

          2. f_lawless

            No I’ve always been an advocate of using one’s own critical thinking skills and have frequently linked to a mainstream media article if I deemed to be a worthy piece. I think you’re taking quite a reductive view of things there Dell in order to lash out.

  4. Dell

    Absolutely not. After a year of msm bad, YouTube videos of Ivor Cummins and every other self proclaimed expert good, I really think it’s rich of bodger or anyone else on here to start using msm to back their point. I was told by bodger to go back to Montrose when I said that I hadn’t been on here in a while and that the same paranoid rubbish was being peddled .
    Reuters is very much in line with rte with regards to msm. Bodger and his fellow conspiracy theorists claim that anyone who doesn’t agree with the opinions of the majority are ostracized and punished , all the while sneering at msm and anything that goes against their narrative. So yes, it’s utter hypocrisy to now use msm to make his point.

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