6 thoughts on “Let’s Do It On The Road

  1. Just Sayin

    Does that sign mean that you can just bring along you camping table and chairs and plonk them down on that spot to eat your sandwiches and have a mug of tea?

      1. Neville

        Big problem
        Because it is not part of the premises as in licences no pub or restaurant is licensed to serve those tables plus insurance cannot be got because you cannot insure if you do not own or lease that land

        Such is the law but government did not think of that one

        1. Otis Blue

          Some clarity is needed on this. Have the businesses benefitting from the additional seating and tables been required to take out a street furniture licence – in which case the area in question is under their control – or if it remains as the public realm will responsibility for insurance fall to the local authority?

          Bet there’s fun ahead.

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