Basic Good Manners Outrage


They’ve gone too far this time.


From analysing TDs’ expenses to digging the dirt on rivals, a look inside the Sinn Féin electoral toolkit (Philip Ryan, Indpendent,ie)

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29 thoughts on “Basic Good Manners Outrage

  1. Mr. T

    Pathetic excuse for damage control from Philip Ryan.

    Most of this list is totally reasonable – a bombshell it is not. Barely even newsworthy.

  2. Bitnboxy

    Uh-oh GiggidyPox won’t like this…;-p

    Seriously though, I’m no Shinner or old style chaos merchant like the auld lad above but surely it is obvious they were all at it across the whole spectrum (I even notice the few eggs in Aontú very quiet about this and they usually seize on such stories to show they are not just about abortion) whatever the rights and wrongs. Obviously a practice to be stopped but does this story really necessitate daily updates?

  3. Micko

    Yeah – this is just a pretty bog standard PR strategy for dealing with the media

    No scandal.

    1. Casual Observer

      It’s normal procedure, and then online commenters seize the opportunity to make it about themselves.

      To paraphrase Liza Minelli, ”That’s Broadsheet”

      Get used to it.
      It isn’t a bug…

  4. ian-oG

    Em, whats the issue?

    Engage professionally?

    I’m lost here, what exactly is the point of this tweet, that SF have a communication with journalists policy, so what?

  5. ian-oG

    Just noticed Philip has limited who can reply to his tweets.

    I guess he got tired of everyone laughing at his attempts at journalism.

  6. eamonn

    will it turn out that the “mainstream” parties have a similar crib sheet also, with one important addition, one that says whenever the opposition have you on the ropes – bring up the IRA, ad infinitum ?

    1. ian-oG

      I hear Leo Varadkar is fond of AAAAATING UNBORN CHICKENS!



      Its shocking I tell yiz, shocking.

      1. eamonn

        shocking indeed, truly shocking -any soldiers involved ? might just be here say though.
        careful what you print.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Ha haaaa.

    Lyons has lost it at this stage.

    Maybe the last few stings of a dying wasp before the Belgian fires him too.

  8. goldenbrown

    Phillip me old mucker is trying to talk his way down from a very sticky situation he created for both himself and his owners

    it was a fairly catastrophic thing that he managed to do and the option to “dive! dive! dive!” just wasn’t realistic

    so instead what we do is create some softer gobbeldygook narrative that gets nobody’s interest really gradually fading to grey through boredom…less saving face than forgetting face if you get my meaning

    expect to hear more from Phillip like “here’s another silly thing that all political parties think about and do, but especially SF, lol” over the next few days as they wait even longer and longer for some killer storyline (that they clearly don’t have yet) to latch onto and deliver the goods

    y’know I used to think “yeah our newspapers have historical ties and symbiotic relationships with political parties BUT at least we’re not as rabid, obvious, polarised as as the likes of the Fleet Street mobs” I was wrong

  9. axelf

    all seems very reasonable from the shinners, indeed an utter contrast the the FFG policy which consists of

    1. pay terry prone thousands to muddy the waters

    1. ian-oG

      Thanks Axelf, I liked you in Beverly Hills Cop as the hiliarious ‘fish out of water’ detective but this image you have put in my head of Prone squatting and grunting into a water tank has put me right off my lunch.

      It might be true but yuck!!!!


      1. Casual Observer

        Thanks ian-oG
        Enjoy your lunch and be thankful that you don’t know who Terry Prone actually is.

  10. JEH

    Does this dude think he’s like Greenwald or Woodward, blowing the cover off some serious scoop? This is not some highly classified internal document that requires a cyanide pill. It looks more or less like a guide to descent manners when dealing with public facing manners.

    What’s next, an exposé on how please often precedes thank you?

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