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Roderic O’Gorman, Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth

This morning.afternoon.

The State is due to outline today the nature of its opposition to a series of pending High Court challenges against the report of the mother and baby homes commission.

A deadline of today was set for the State and Government to produce papers detailing the basis for its opposition to at least seven cases.

The cases, including one by retired nurse Philomena Lee, have been brought against the Minister for Children, the Government, Ireland and the Attorney General.

A number of sources said the question of who bears responsibility for the report may be addressed as a key issue in the High Court today, with the State arguing that such responsibility rested with the commission before its dissolution.

State to address High Court cases against mother and baby homes report (Irish Times)


Social Democrats TD, and Children’s Committee member, Holly Cairns writes:

“Today, in the High Court, the State will strongly defend the report of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission in legal actions brought by survivors against the report.

“Simultaneously, Children’s Minister RoderickO’Gorman has said he believes survivors and intends appointing an independent expert to review the testimony of survivors given to the Confidential Committee.

“Which is it? Does the government support the report, as it claims in the High Court? Or does it believe there are such fundamental problems with it that it is necessary to now authorise a separate review of its contents?

“There is an inherent contradiction in the government’s approach. It can’t simultaneously defend the report and suggest it is so fundamentally flawed that a separate review into the report is now required.”

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3 thoughts on “Both Sides Now

  1. baz

    feelings v facts

    in this post truth era only feelings win in the public domain
    occurrences of which are reinforced by the cowardice of populist politicians

  2. Joe

    Typical of the two faced liars in the Green wash party. O’Gorman speaking out of both sides of his butt simultaneously

    A pox upon all of their houses!

  3. Papi

    david, follow me, now, k? This could get confusing.

    Make a well known word from the following:
    HY —– PER —– BO —– LE.

    Also, Leve Palestina!!!!

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