Crumbling Logic



Solidarity – People Before Profit TD Paul Murphy


This morning.

Zero Covid enthusiast Paul Murphy urges detention for UK travellers.


This afternoon.

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16 thoughts on “Crumbling Logic

        1. ce

          In fairness incorrect punctuation and it’s to the gulag for a bit of re-education … 2+2 =5

  1. Just Sayin

    I’m disgusted by the behaviour of all the main parties throughout this so called pandemic
    (yes it was a pandemic Mar-May 2020).

    But Paul Murphy excels at being the greatest tootle-pumpkins in Irish politics.

  2. eoin

    Zero covid is impossible, unless we embrace the use of Ivermectin to eradicate it. The use of Ivermectin (and several other safe drugs which have been tested repeatedly in the field and have had great success) is being suppressed, presumably so the pharma companies can make a killing with vaccines….that are not even vaccines. Murphy should research this himself and start asking questions. Or he should shut up.

  3. Micko

    Ah jeasus Paul ye dope.

    Is there a pandemic or not?

    Can we make up our minds please?

    And if there isn’t, can we have music festivals and cultural events back please.

    Over three months Texas is open – here’s Paddy’s day 2021

    Everyone in that crowd is dead I heard…

  4. John F

    Murphy has always been a Grifter. He will jump on what ever bandwagon he thinks can sell HIS particular brand of snake oil to the public. When it looked like environmentalism was going to be the next big thing. All of the sudden he was a Trotskyite environmentalist. That didn’t really work out so now they are giving this a go.
    Although hotel quarantining is in line with his far left ideology. In so far as he would love the state to be able to interfere with the lives of anyone. It’s all about the “common good”or “public interest” with these mini authoritarianians. They use these types of things as cover for more and more Draconian laws and restrictions.

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