17 thoughts on “Heathrow Shuffle

    1. ian-oG

      Brits being interned LOL.

      Stick some hoods on them for mega-irony while you are at it.

  1. Chucky R. Law

    Ridiculous. They should at least be allowed to go to the local pub. Lucky that random lady was passing by with her camera.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Now much better here.
    Rumour is that Judges will no longer give prison sentences. Quarantine instead.

  3. milk teeth

    Middle class busybody berates low paid worker trying to enforce quarantine restrictions. ‘Make sure you get his name’ ffs piss off.

    1. Micko

      What makes her middle class?

      How do you know he’s on low pay?

      Lot of assumptions and generalisations you’re making there.

      1. milk teeth

        Her accent, the language she uses and her general busybodying but yes I’d say that was an assumption.

        The guy getting berated, almost certainly on low pay. I’ve worked for a long time in the events industry and a decent chunk of that I’ve done in the UK. He doesn’t have security written on his high vis, which means he doesn’t have and SIA licence so he’s likely on minimum wage or a little over. Security companies call those roles ‘visible presence’, he will have horrible long hours very little thanks and very little pay.

        However you don’t need that experience and understanding to know a guy wearing that uniform standing in a yard like that isn’t getting paid the big bucks.

        1. Micko

          Well yes, a lot of assumptions. But sure we all do that – so, let’s say you’re right. ;)

          So he’s on or sightly above minimum wage.

          Do you think that someone who’s on low pay should be above reproach for their actions?

          Even if he is just following “the rules” as he may be, he (the UK gov) has no right to stop two people from talking.

          1. milk teeth

            If he is employed to enforce quarantine rules in order to keep people safe I’d say let him get on with it. OK they’re a distance away from each other but shouting is known to increase spreading and him being stopped there is doing anything for people in the yards ability to socially distance. Also there are ways to address your concerns to people, her attitude towards the minimum wage guy was at best condescending.

            How would you run a quarantine hotel? Let people have face to face access to the outside world/chat though the fence? It’s not exactly quarantine then is it.

            There are some really good criticisms of quarantine hotels. The biggest being no one is really sure if they work and the UK Department for Health hasn’t released the number of confirmed cases found in them which would go a long way to proving they work. Others include that people seem to be absconding from them and that they seem to be absolutely terrible at getting people food on time. However the fact that people have limited exercise space, there is security on each floor and and need to socially distance really are not good criticisms.

          2. Micko

            Fair enough.

            I think Qui Bono hit the nail on the head below.

            I wouldn’t run one. I think it’s awful and pointless if I’m honest.

            I also think that the fact that some people (not jabbing at you) are ok with putting others, essentially in jail for no crime, all in the name of safety is really troubling.

            Really really troubling.

            I really think there’s a certain type of person who see other people as “dirty” and different, who have had their fantasies indulged and run wild during this pandemic.

            People who would actually love a Strutter Bubble ;)

        2. Cui Bono?

          Fair play to her for exposing it.

          It’s clearly insane and certainly won’t help keep people safe from a virus that the overwhelming majority are not even in danger of. The vulnerable have all been vaccinated now too.

          The insanity needs to be exposed.

          1. Milk teeth

            Were exactly has she exposed? That a quarentine hotel isn’t a nice place to be? Hardly exposing that

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