14 thoughts on “Slippery Slope

  1. goldenbrown

    lol I realise everyone is trying their level best

    but I’ve seen so many of these off kilter outdoor seating fails at this stage I’ve lost count

    one €50-70 per head fancy bistro gaff I know of in a well known 1% er Dublin village have sequestered a dirty little right of way passageway to the side of their building for their outdoor experience…eating lobster at crisp white linen’d tables whilst competing with the permanent pong of piss/parazone encrusted walls and the busy locals as they brush off your shoulder out with their dogs for the evening stroll must make for a Hestonesque new exciting dining experience! lol

      1. goldenbrown

        if I’m down there again anytime soon I’ll defo grab some and send to bs

        was fully seated too!


    1. Fergalito

      Me: Can you pass the ketchup please?

      Her: It’ll be with you in about a minute. On its way.

  2. Ronan

    Definitely I think a daily ‘grim outdoor dining latest’ photo thread is called for.

    I think the broadsheet regulars would definitely contribute various pictures of the worst of Ireland’s outside dining. Many’s the ‘piss alley’ now accommodating chairs and tables could be celebrated.

    Now I must say, I was in Cork city centre last Saturday and the place looks fantastic, like a European city with all the outdoor diners – though admittedly the warm sunshine contributed significantly to the vista. I would like to see lots of street space given up permanently to outdoor dining. Climate be damned, look at the Edinburgh – you can box off the outdoor space significantly from the elements when Covid goes away – I think it just brings life to the area when there’s proper visible dining.

  3. ian-oG

    A quick few cuts and those chair legs will be grand for the gradient. Keep the bits you cut off and nail em back on when this stuff is over.

    Can’t see the legs of the tables but a few beer mats will sort that out.

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