Vlad The Manspreader


Stop that.

This afternoon.

Geneva, Switzerland.

The first meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin has concluded after nearly two hours.


President Biden called Russia a “great power” and appeared to nod when asked if he trusts Russian President Vladimir Putin, sending the White House into damage control amid a chaotic introduction to the leaders’ high-stakes meeting.

The head-nod from Biden happened as US reporters and Russian security got into a near-brawl before him Wednesday in the stately Villa de la Grange in Geneva. The shoving match drowned out most of Biden’s opening remarks and appeared to confuse the 46th president as he sat near Putin.

Biden seemed to put Russia on equal footing with the US, saying in barely audible remarks, “We’re two great powers” — before nodding after a reporter asked if he trusts the Russian leader.

Biden and Putin face off in Geneva amid elevated tensions (NewYorkPost)


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4 thoughts on “Vlad The Manspreader

    1. Gabby

      Yes, I noticed all them books too. Is ‘How to win friends and influence people’ among them?

  1. jungleman

    New York Post is hardly an impartial observer. I read the article linked. It is loaded with hints that there is something wrong with Biden’s mental faculties. This coming from a paper that supports Donald Trump!

    Would you consider using less biased sources such as Reuters or AP?

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