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    1. Cú Chulainn

      What hope for Northern Ireland and power sharing when Poots isn’t bigoted enough for the DUP..

  1. Paulus

    I’m sorry to hear about Poots
    And yet for him I don’t give two hoots.
    But his rare appellation
    Made rhymes a temptation
    And thereby one of his best attributes.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      It’s really not.. of course, it’s clearly a dig at Markel.. a charity to help understand the children of families with addiction problems… ahem, as they say in those circles…

      1. Paulus

        Close-ups with even a hint of wide-angle are never flattering. Also high shutter-speed might catch the very beginning of a blink.
        Then again, none of us are getting any younger.

    1. goldenbrown

      seems like an uncustomarily loose post from you

      I’ll put it down to the late hour, lol

    2. millie bobby brownie

      I’m just checking here but

      Are you speculating on the untimely deaths of four people, the circumstances of which are unknown to the public and none of your concern anyways, in order to make some sort of abstract point about Covid-19?

        1. Johnny

          2.5 million people rode the filthy ny subway yesterday,the world has moved on,more people need be asking questions in Irl,I’ve still no idea when I can visit nor has anyone else in NY-what tests to take before/upon landing….people are back flying here again,living unlike in Ireland with no end in sight.

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Let’s speculate and gloat about dead people!! Maybe they also died “after a short illness”. Antis are sick puppies.

      1. dav

        it harps back to drumpfs use of “i’m just saying..2 at the end of whatever falsehood/misinformation he spouts.

    4. Junkface

      Why speculate over this without any real knowledge of what happened? It could have been anything. Wait for an investigation or the full coroners report.

      1. f_lawless

        I was careful to be very restrained in my speculation. I thought that should be clear from my comment. The only case where there’s substantial background information is the case of Nicholas Synnott who spent a very long time in hospital due to Covid. I’m drawing attention to the fact this phenomenon occurred – which has astronomically low odds of occurring – and that it’s very much a public interest story we should pay close attention to, considering the job pilots do.

        It’s a given at this stage that the usual gang of self-appointed comment thread police (I’m looking at you Daisy, Cian, Joe!) spring into action

        1. Johnny

          Grounded or active pilots ?
          I think it’s one your best links as I’m back in the air,thanks.

    1. Ian - oG

      A label used to stoke up fear against “others” by xenophobic British toliet papers?

    1. Johnny

      December 16/2020-High Times.

      Kenny took to Twitter and Facebook this week to announce his plans for 2021.

      “Next year People Before Profit will bring forward legislation to end the prohibition of cannabis in Ireland,” Kenny said, “This will be the first time in eight years that a bill to legalise cannabis will be before the Dáil. Looking forward to the debate ahead in 2021.”

      December… “Gino Kenny of Solidarity – People Before Profit said the party will introduce a bill to legalize cannabis in 2021.’


      June-in the link above nada,zilch,no bill yet,nothing,not even a draft,Gino is scamming these sick patients,giving them false hope,where’s his bill?

    2. Johnny

      As hyper real gave no context.

      ‘Patients in Ireland will now for the first time be able to get medical cannabis via prescription, in what has been described as a “milestone” move expected to bring hope to many families, although barriers to access medical cannabis still remain.‘

      In the largest weed market in world neither public,private,va nor workers comp,cover ANY prescriptions by ANY Yale/Harvard medically qualified doctor.

      Having it covered in Ireland by insurance will severely hobble the barely there program,Gino just does not get it,the people that do would have no time for him.

      In order to be covered by conventional insurance products have pass arduous testing,he should be pursuing a full pay as play path,for this who just can…instead getting taxpayers pay for it.

      But that just makes too sense,he also should be pressing to allow patients grow their own medicine.

      This is not a step forward at all.

  2. Bitnboxy

    So the latest in DUP siege mentality dysfunction is to make an Irish Language Act a “No Surrender” issue. This Poots Panto is the very antithesis of confident and stable unionism. Not to mention the fact that the ILA mirrors rights available to Scots Gaelic speakers (practically the same language as Irish) and Welsh in the respective UK nations.

    Ulster farmers are desperately worried about the impact of the UK Australia trade deal – a huge win for Ozzie farmers and NI businesses desperate for UK EU peace and stability over the NI Protocol and what are the DUP doing about it…SFA.

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    The Irish Mail consider it woke to add sizes bigger than a 32B, nursing and maternity options to the brand…so woke ffs

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Since the red tops were forced by woke, PC, feminazi, killjoys to end Page Three, tabloids readers no longer remember what boobs are.

    2. Ian - oG

      “Woke” to sell underwear to normal people?

      At least the seagulls in the star raise a few laughs….

    3. Junkface

      The Daily Mail is such a rag, jesus. Papers like that will always try to cling on to something they reckon will generate more outrage. I guess they are fighting for their survival. 24 hour news channels do the same.

  4. Gabby

    I don’t think Arlene Foster is laughing. I think she is deeply distressed by the male myopic policy attitudes of MLAs and MPs in her party. She suffered a family loss in the troubles and was willing to work for a new political society post-GFA. Without vision the elected representatives of main parties in Northern Ireland will bring the people to ruined hopes once more. Compromise on conflicting aspirations is needed. Southern politicians should refrain from inflammatory rhetoric and engage in quiet dialogue.

    1. Donald McCarthy

      Stiff lower lips?

      Nothing in her political life became her like the leaving of it. Holds a tune too but she never got to go full chuckle sister with Michelle.

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      ‘He sips mint juleps on evenings so warm
      He converses with the devil who wears a hat made of straw
      Saying: ‘A smart-assed northern liberal was something I never could stand’
      While they might take an inch, he takes all that he can
      He’s a southern politician, a political man.’

  5. Junkface

    I saw a news report last night on the Manchester Arena bombing inquiry on ITV. It was shocking! The incompetence in the Police. Officers actually went off on an extra long break to get a Kebab! This is when the bomber slipped in. Also other Police officers and security staff were reluctant to act on their suspicions about the bomber because they were afraid they might be called out for racist harassment. So all of those people died because of this reluctance to act decisively. Awful. The parents group of the victims are going to sue the hell out of the Manchester Police dept.

    1. Junkface

      Well the full truth will come eventually. Expect more revelations to come on this story.

  6. Johnny

    in D4 what is persona non grata?
    David Shubotham.

    “Shubotham helped put together some early Celtic Tiger property consortiums, including one in South County Dublin that cemented Sean Dunne’s fortune. He and some big names invested €9.6m in the company behind Wexford’s famous White’s Hotel, which went into liquidation with heavy debts.”

    no one,no one like’s a sore loser,given his background,pedigree,connections he simply has be hurting for cash.

    he is smart enough to know he is a minority owner.

    this is just not ‘allowed/expected/fair game’ or how its played,very cheap David,very.

    “It was their case the mandate, of the 64/34 per cent vote in favour of the board’s strategy, was being subverted by the conduct of Fulman, he said. There was also nothing to stop Fulman from bidding for the property currently for sale.”


    David is a UCD grad,a one time player who’s majority shareholders here are ubiquitous at all the right clubs,from IT.
    ” Hugh Lynn, James Brian Davy, Kyran McLaughlin and Martin Naughton ”

    honey,honey we seem to be missing some invites:)

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