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FD writes:

Last December George Nkencho a young black man with a history of mental illness was shot and killed by the Gardai in the front garden of his Dublin home.

Shortly beforehand it is alleged that George had punched or slapped a worker in the local shopping area and it’s also claimed that George was carrying a small knife.

Regardless of those alleged crimes we believe the use of lethal force by the police was grossly disproportionate and that the 12-15 Gardai present should have been able to subdue George and arrest him.

The video above was recorded from the green opposite the Nkencho family home and captures the 5 shots which killed George. The video has been slowed and captioned so that the sequence of events can be better understood. (The video should be viewed on a larger screen like a laptop or tablet if possible.)

The BBC have covered the story in a Newsnight piece and have broadcast the same video though not with slow motion or with captions.

The Nkencho family’s grief was compounded by a torrent of racist and libelous misinformation about George which was systematically organised to justify the police killing and as a means to sow division between our communities in the aftermath of George’s death.

The Irish state like many others has a very poor record in holding the police force to account and so we believe that if the Nkencho family are to receive justice in this case it’s crucial that this video is widely viewed so that large numbers of people understand exactly what happened to George.

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18 thoughts on “Maximum Force

  1. Brendan Gallagher

    Seems abundantly clear from the video that George was about to take the life of a police officer. They had no choice but to shoot. Regretfully it was either a dead police officer or someone who lunged at him with a knife.

    1. des

      Wrong. He had ample opportunity to disarm and refused to do so

      His Mother attacked a Garda while they were trying to arrest his brother whose car was being seized by Gardai for no Insurance.
      Plenty of online video coverage of all incidents, including George carrying a very large knife and lunging at Gardai.

      Video footage includes George’s brother threatening to kill Gardai,

      Charming Family

  2. millie bobby brownie

    Very difficult to properly see anything as to what happened in that video.

  3. Hank

    Doesn’t show the lead up to the first shot so very difficult to judge from that. He clearly did lunge at a guard though making a stabbing motion with his “small knife”.

  4. John F

    It’s regrettable that anyone gets killed. The sad thing is that in this case, the gardai didn’t have much choice. He attacked them with a deadly weapon.
    His state of mental health wasn’t an issue at that moment.
    I feel sorry for the family, I suspect there are plenty of NGOs and other organisations trying to push the narrative that the gardai are racist, the Irish are racist et cetera and that is why this happened….. And it has blown up in their faces.

  5. George

    Of course they had a choice. Move back or don’t shoot him in the back in the first place.

  6. curmudgeon

    For the millionth time, armed gardai need bodycams, with publicly accessible footage whenever lethal force is used.

  7. gringo

    Depressing and pathetic, This is what happens when you give guns to badly trained fools,

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