Shish Happens


Last night.

Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Flashy new signage and name?

Barry H writes:

The Kebap Connection! Ismael what have you done?

Ismael has fed many a happy/pissed punter who had just left The Baggot Inn over the years.

What is this nonsense?


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11 thoughts on “Shish Happens

    1. Denzil

      If its still Ishmael, we’ll be fine. Ishmael could make a great kebab on the radiator of a car.

  1. Sertac Ecevit

    Ismail hand over his business to another Turkish man ages ago. New owner didn’t change the name and ran the business. After many years probably second owner sold the business to some one else.(now, you are seeing the new signage)
    Ismail was telling the all stories, all his memories about the old times, he was the first kebap shop in the town, Mc Gettigan’s pub was how amazing and U2 was playing there etc. He had great times there, he met with lovely people and he really enjoyed to be with his friends.
    Ismail is 66 years old now, unfortunately alzheimer and dementia are giving really hard time to him.
    I am sure many people has memories with this little kebap shop in Baggot street.

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