21 thoughts on “What Will They Think Of Next?

  1. george

    Positioned to take up as much of the footpath as possible. The important part is on the other side. An enormous eyeball-searing, revenue generating, advertising screen.

    They are wider than they are deep and yet they are turned so the widest part spans the footpath. This is so the advertising screen is pointing in the most profitable direction.

    There should be a rule that if the phone is out of order the screen must be turned off. Actually there should be a bye-law banning street level advertising screens.

  2. Micko

    Ooooh fancy. An aul screen and everything.

    I bet they’re listening to ya though…

    “John Spartan – you are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute”


    1. millie bobby brownie

      No. Not everyone does. Mobile phones can be lost or stolen. They shouldn’t be consigned as relics of the past just yet.

      1. D-troll

        ive been caught a couple of times with no cellphone. just asked a passer by to ring a number for me. i expect you can buy a cellphone for 20euro including credit in a high street shop.

        i expect that phone box will be used less than once a week.

        1. Chimpy

          Cellphone? Highstreet? How in jaysis have both those words crept into our national vernacular?

  3. spud

    Who commissioned these and on what basis??

    There’s one up in Raheny and a few other places?
    Total waste of money, space and resources.

  4. f_lawless

    Article from a couple of years ago. I notice the photo of the phone booth looks the exact same.


    ‘Why critics are calling Britain’s new phone boxes a ‘surveillance network’

    ‘Planning documents say the InLink kiosks are expected to be able to “anonymously monitor” things like “pedestrian movement”, raising concerns that they can follow anyone whose phone passes within wifi range. The kiosks also come equipped with cameras, though BT says they have not yet been turned on.

    “The infrastructure for building a surveillance network is being installed on British streets,” says Adrian Short, a data analyst who has built a web portal to track InLink applications. “And councils either don’t have or don’t feel they have the right to refuse them.” ‘

    1. f_lawless


      “Smart Cities or Surveillance Cities?

      The terrain is shifting for this movement, as many of us wonder aloud whether the urban tech utopia is all it’s cracked up to be.

      ..The smart city industry rests on a foundation of mass-scale data collection — data that can help make cities more efficient, safer, and higher functioning, while also supporting emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles. But that data is also potentially lucrative in the hands of Big Tech. Among seemingly innocuous technologies, like sensors that collect fine-grained data on local weather, pollution patterns, and traffic, the broad smart city vision encompasses sensors with the ability to collect data from the phone in your pocket or use artificial intelligence-enhanced microphones and cameras to gather intel as you move through public spaces — with no privacy agreement allowing you to opt out and decline service like you can in the virtual world. Further, critics point out that governments often lack the technical expertise, much less policy frameworks, to avoid unintended negative consequences.”

      It doesn’t exactly inspire public trust if these kiosks have the hidden facility for public surveillance with a flimsy cover of coin phone calls that no one really needs

  5. Angie

    Unlike London who put in free water fountains to reduce single use plastics and pledge thousands upon thousands of tree planting……we get public telephones! Another triumph from our city fathers!

  6. retroboy

    They are installing one on Clanbrassil St. It is wider than the old ones and takes more width of the pavement to incorporate an advertising screen? This has nothing to do with public service. but we definitely need a White-water thingy! The city council need to cop on, this is a repeat of the JCDeaux crap from 10 years ago.

  7. Gabby

    Bring back intermediate technology. Send written love letters through the post, posted in green letter boxes.

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