Big Poots To Fill


Edwin Poots (left) and Sir jeffrey Donaldson

This afternoon.

Further to internal DUP shenanigans…

….Who succeeds Edwin Poots?

Via BBC NI Corresponednt Enda McLafferty:

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson will be the popular choice within the party.

He will be seen as the man who will possibly be able to heal some of the wounds that have been played out in public. That’s not to say that there will not be many who may feel uncomfortable with that, as not everyone voted for him in the recent leadership election.

There is a sense, though, that Sir Jeffrey will be coronated – it is unlikely that there will be a leadership contest.

DUP looking for new leader as Edwin Poots quits (BBC)



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6 thoughts on “Big Poots To Fill

  1. Paulus

    There was some hope of rhyming with Foster
    Back  before politics lost her.
    And then Edwin Poots
    provided some beauts
    But nothing rhymes with Donaldson

  2. Fearganainm

    Old Poots was made for walkin’
    And that’s just what he’s done,
    He was really mean,
    Backstabbed Snarlene
    Then got shanked by Donaldson

  3. Donald McCarthy

    Great news for any wannabe Daniel O’Donnell looky-likies should Jeffrey be elevated.

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