In fairness.

Irish track team named for Olympics: The riders who have made the cut (Sticky Bottle)

Pic 2 via Sticky Bottle

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12 thoughts on “In The Pink

  1. goldenbrown

    ah a medal would be fab, allez allez!

    (apart from all the Sunday mamils out on their €5k hardware) with the massive uplift in the amount of kids out training I predict a very bright future for Irish cycling…a Kelly & Roche era beckons – without the addons hopefully lol

    also really really hope Sam Bennett recovers in time for tdf!

    1. Tarfton Clax

      The good wishes are nice, but you had to get the dig in at cycling somehow didn’t you? €5 K hardware… the horror? As opposed to spending €75,000 plus on a giant 4 wheel drive W**kPanzer, which is totally acceptable…

      1. goldenbrown

        yeah I did have to, a bit cruel but whatever it’s true in my experience over the years

        €5k carbonfibre, titanium, computer assemblies are completely unnecessary “look at my wedge” statements for 95% of the lads I come across on the road out on a spin. Nothing like seeing a cyclist training on an €800 clunker (deliberately chosen clunker, real hardware reserved for actual competitive work) destroy a well h€€led group on a climb. the most any leisure cyclist needs to spend on a bike is 2-2.5k.

        It is in fact the equivalent of the logic a certain set apply to their choice of motor as you say, Dalkey Tractor et al.

        btw I am a cyclist, it’s my sport, been on the road racing on and off and on since 1984. I also like cars of all shapes and sizes and types. It’s ok to do both y’know :)

        1. Tarfton Clax

          If you are inside the tent P****** out then that’s not so bad. My own brother did mountain bike racing and mountain running back in the early 90’s and did the mountain biking on a cheap piece of crap blowing away more expensively set up lads. Also looking like a yeti, all hair and beard and terrible running outfits, he took great pleasure in beating all the Gardaí and army boys with their clean cut, clean shaven looks.

          My own bikes were bought from the Garda Auctions in Kevin Street and I never paid more than 12 Punts for one. (Because I was skint) But I once had a go on a carbon Fibre Klein up around the Blue Light around 1990 or so…. and if I had had a spare few grand at the time..

          So I don’t begrudge anyone spending money on a good bike.

  2. D-troll

    nice, just shows you, when you start something, like riding a bike, never know where its going to lead you.

    its great the government have prioritised sport having regards to its benefits and built many velodromes around the country……oh wait,…. do we have even one velodrome. methinks Emily must train outside Ireland.

    though id prefer if the government spent money on partisipation across the country than build a velodrome for an elite group. thats UKs problem, funding goes for the top athletes so they win goal at the cost of impoverished kids who never get a chance.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    All the best, Emily. I hope you don’t mind wearing green for this event, but at any other time, wear what you will.

    We have so many truly incredible women who represent this country, and across so many fields. I will stick here with various athletics, from cycling to track, yachting to rowing, boxing to judo. And all of this despite the fact that they only get a fraction of what men get, only to fail in the same sports.

    Support our women in sports properly!

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