The Way Of The Waiter


Chuck Norrised, in fairness,




With ‘ah here leave it out’ audio added.

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46 thoughts on “The Way Of The Waiter

  1. Bitnboxy

    The waiters have jobs – trying to earn a crust. What kind of background do we think the feral scrotes come from? Spare us all the sob stories.

  2. Blob

    fair play to him. it also goes to show when you confront these rats they retreat. he basically saw them off on his own. brave man, and commendable.

    1. JEH

      And then start lobbing glass bottles at you. I used to see this kind of skanging carry on in Talbot street all the time. Looks like they were given transit papers sometime during the pandemic.

      1. Blob

        it goes to show, if they think they’ll get a slap back they scarper. they’re weak. but they keep doin this stuff coz they never face any real punishment. they were arrested this morning, can fully guarantee you they’ll get a slap on the wrist at best. the only thing would work is if they were afraid of being caught by gardai if they faced harsh punishment. would anyone care apart from them and their ma’s if they got a bit of a hiding down the station before a heavy fine and a year in prison? im sure they would.. but this stuff would be far less frequent.

        1. Bitnboxy

          +10000 This feral lot only understand one thing. Bravo to the waiters. Mindless violence makes my blood boil but I don’t hold out much hope for them getting the punishment they deserve.

  3. Bertie blenkinsop

    I’ve been trying to keep that from Lady Bertie. We were sitting outside The Old Stand during the week with mini me.
    She’ll never set foot in town* again if she sees this.

    * yes, culchies, I said town

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      well it is ” into town ” I made the mistake of showing to himself….

    2. Can a Da?

      Please don’t be put off by it Bertie. If you were to keep doing that we will lose the city for ever. Hugzzz

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Black shorts scrote had one attempt to assault with a glass bottle and one attempt with a full pint of Guinness taken from a table in the background, as well as the chair attack – I would hope that toe rag is arrested and charged before the day is out on the assumption that the Gardai must know these 4 morons.

  5. goldenbrown

    ffs this is happening every week now and it might seem funny but it’s not

    ordinary serving staff on basic wage left to / expected to / defend the premises, customers and business from angry rambling jumped up scobys

    where’s the professional door staff? where’s the Guards?

    I wonder if the lad who got bottled at 0:55 is the one they’ve been mentioning in the bulletins today who was admitted to hospital with “non life threatening injuries”

    no way any kid of mine would be working in there the way things are at present

  6. Fergalito

    Four months saving turf on Tullaghan bog in Roscommon, start at sunrise and finish when the pissmires start swarming in the evening. Lunch packed and bottle of tea in a gentleman farmer’s long sock. Would work wonders I reckon.

      1. Fergalito

        Turn it, foot it, clamp it or haul it out in old fertiliser bags if the ground is too wet in the lashing rain.

        After three months of impeccable behaviour maybe, just maybe they get to sit on top of the turf filled trailer as it makes its journey to the shed.

      2. John F

        Who in their right mind would let those scumbags anywhere near their turf reek!?
        They don’t like hard work or any work to be honest. It’s likely they would mess it up on purpose.

  7. Spot of Bodge

    The threat of experiencing life-altering assault aside … Dublin city has emerged from the pandemic as a disheveled dump. It’s been sold out for years. Now it is a sad shell of its formerly vaguely interesting self.
    FG, via Keegan’s DCC, and Murphy’s ABP, have enabled every ounce of its character to be sold, demolished and replaced by soulless dump, after soulless dump, of multinational hotel chain, or sad approximation thereof, co-living hot-desk anyone? Never thought I’d say it, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back in, it’s a filthy travesty. Too sad.

  8. Kdoc

    It’s odd that the most violent of the skangers appears to be the youngest. Unless he’s taught a sharp lesson he’s going to be a serious threat to society in a few years.

  9. Daniel

    But, but, but… the youth, they’re just innocent youth who’ve been inside too long, and all they need are toilet facilities!

    Actually scratch that, these three pond scum were abusing a heavily pregnant woman who was dining outside on the street and when she asked them to stop they starting blowing joint smoke right into her face.

    1. Kdoc

      (…) They wouldn’t be missed by anyone, probably not even their parents, who either don’t know, or don’t care, about those they spawned and the lawlessness they engage in in our city. I despise them with a passion; their only contribution to Irish life is to cause misery for others. Business owners, staff and the citizens have suffered enough without these sewer rats disrupting life and trade.

          1. Darren

            So doc ur well read.. think sumone shud say shut up out of that… so I will. The developments in the city coupled with the fact that the city had long been home to people and not just a place where bistros serve outdoor dining each mean that it’s not just you who noticed the changes taking place. There is no excuse to overlook the the deeply ingrained truth that you have been waiting for an excuse to say the sorts of things you have. Whatever is ur personal experience and no doubt it is personal, what a shitty thing to type out about people who you know so little. I only share this because the horrific nature of your response is worse for our society in the long run than any chair throwing mayhem that might occur outside a busy establishment. So many comments have sought to distance themselves or apply political point scoring regards their own values but the truth is that this mindless anger expresses the same fear that many more are afraid to acknowledge even exists and whats even more obvious is the young guys in this video know that to be true. How many people felt threatened or simply watched as a teenager engaged with a pregnant lady before it came to the job of a waiter to fight off their advances. It’s not that it is ur fault doc. It’s just that ur response so clearly describes the process which has for over a decade justified the shutting down of the city by people for whom outdoor dining is not something that happens on the side of the street. The turf cutting idea has some merit but the problem as it has been proven over and over is that if u put people out if the way like that they are open to all sorts of abuse. Imagine just one peat farmer who sees ur thinking as justifI cation for his mistreatment of those in his care and u will begin to realise that you are representative of the problem that we need to call out. There are various criminal charges that can be placed against those involved in on street violence like this but it is how it comes to be that minors such as these guys could escalate messing to harassment to endangering without anyone feeling it their place to step in or cool things down which is the real and obvious issue at every point that something like this happens in a crowded place full of adults. If your comment wasn’t the last I would not say a word. Even if you don’t read this ur comment is still not the last word. Adieu

          2. Kdoc

            Darren, you’re right it is personal. But it’s not only personal for me, it’s personal for a lot of people who just try to get on with their lives. I was born in the inner city and I also worked there for many years and these sub-humans make life unbearable for many decent people.
            Did you study the video? It wasn’t just a matter of throwing a few chairs about: A bottle and a pint glass were used as weapons. One waiter had to receive hospital treatment when he was hit on the head by the most aggressive and violent little rat (and worryingly, he was probably the youngest). Unlike what you assume, the young teenager has little reason to feel troubled by the law. He may be processed and is likely to be roaming the streets within a few hours even though he could have blinded the waiter.
            I’m sorry if you feel my comments were on the harsh side, but my patience has long ago ran out with these skangers who are destroying what could be a great city for all of us.

          3. Darren

            Kdoc.. not offering any excuses for these guys who I don’t know anything about except what I see on the video. I just see it that if u value ppl then you want better for them. So I am sorry if your understanding was that I was somehow looking to defend them. As you say they dont need any defence. I only say that they are the most visible form of violence and obviously this video points to how dangerous that can be. I’ll be honest, you got me when you merged abortion with back to the future using the terminology of final solution rhetoric instead of recognising that it is a political issue which asks for social responsibility across the board. There is a point where just getting on with things doesn’t even work unless you are also at the same time moving up socially, that way of course you can pay more for your peace… not that outdoor dining is cheap as it is. It’s clearly a political issue, not about minors who possibly have less investment in society than even others the same age. Whether the guys in the video are from fox rock or phipsboro their hopelessness is only something to fear if you too believe in it. Thats why it is usually an escalation that leads to incidents like this. The video here shows that a lot of ppl believe in the same hoplessness. It just looks different depending on what you have to lose

          4. Kdoc

            Darren, what you see on the video should tell you all you need to know about those scumbags. I’ve lived and worked in communities that have to endure that level of behaviour on an ongoing basis. You will be pleased to see that the part of my earlier comment which caused you no small degree of offence has been censored with the offending material removed. You should understand that the mind-set of people who are more upset by my type of comments than they are by violent young thugs, is partly how we are in the situation we are in.

          1. Can a Da?

            The video was absolutely disgusting, out of control violent waiter youths rampaging in public, even when they were restrained by their manager, they returned to the fray again and well after the threat had actually diminished, I hope the waiters meet the full force of the law.

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