“Nothing To Do With Us”



Kildare town.

Andy Pipkin writes:

Surely this can’t be legal, to refuse entry because they can’t wear a mask due to medical conditions and the Gardaí stating it’s nothing to do with them? If this is where we’re heading good luck!!


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70 thoughts on ““Nothing To Do With Us”

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    “Medical exemption” doesn’t trump the management’s right to refuse entry. If you genuinely can’t wear a mask, at least wear a face shield to differentiate from the antimask dregs.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Interesting to note that the video came from a Dolores Cahill fansite called “Corruption Awareness Ireland”

  2. Micko

    Jog on love.

    Plenty of business out there that don’t care about this rubbish.

    Patronise them, and leave the tools to play amongst themselves.

    1. SOQ


      I regularly see people in shops without muzzles now- when it hits their pockets, they will soon cop on. The only reason they are getting away with it is because the disability rights people have just rolled over.

    2. Micko

      Funnily enough, we took a spin up to Newry today.

      I’m on Monaghan St right now and I just had a cup of coffee and a cream doughnut in a cafe.

      No masks on anyone, including the staff.

      Lovely ;)

      1. SOQ

        Yup they are done with the whole thing now.

        Are you in Snaubs by any chance?

        If not then Grounded? I know Newry well.

        If you are into Vegan food I can recommend a lovely little place in Warrenpoint btw.

        1. Micko

          I’m not. Just heading back now. But I’m coming back. I might do an AirBnb soon

          Very nice up here. Very friendly people. ;)

  3. eoin

    Management are only refusing entry because they are too bloody stupid to do even the most basic research on masks. I guess they are relying on our media to keep them informed…..which is not a good idea. Unfortunately the Gardai are caught in the middle, trying to enforce vague nonsense guidelines or laws. Even the worlds top covid cleric…sorry I mean medic….Dr Fauci knows mask do very little and has stated that in his private emails. Just because all Irish media ignored these revelations, people think it didn’t happen. Well it did happen. And Fauci is right. We need to see resistance to this utter. utter idiocy. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and bacteria are smaller that smoke particles. If the masks don’t stop smoke particles they sure won’t stop a virus.

      1. SOQ

        Oh here we go again- ‘research’.

        DATA shows that not one single European country had a reduction in transmission after their mandatory introduction- not a single one. If anything, some countries seen a rise, which would make sense because people were touching their faces so much more.

        Texas removed all restrictions and what happened? Infection rates continued to fall- its over.

        1. george

          We don’t have data on what the rates of infection would have been without masks because masks were used. What we do have is scientists doing actual science.

          The US has an extremely high vaccination rate and the vaccines are very effective. Unfortunately most of the world is far behind them.

          1. SOQ

            We have a control group called Sweden which had a lower than average rate for 2020 and was well within its five year window.

            As for vaccines- if they are the reason for such declines then why is that the East European countries with low vaccination rates are doing just as well as those with high?

          2. Cian

            10.6% of Sweds have had a positive Covid test.

            This is the third highest in European countries (Czechia has 15.5%; Slovenia 12.4%)

            Next highest cases/population rates:
            Lithuania 10.3%
            Estonia 9.8%
            Netherlands 9.7%
            Belgium 9.2%
            Croatia 8.8%
            France 8.8%
            Portugal 8.5%

            Ireland 5.4%
            Sweden has the 14th highest number of tests per population – they have had these high rates because they are infected, not because the are over-testing.

          3. SOQ

            Cain you and I both know that ‘cases’ mean nothing- they are wholly dependant on how many are actually tested.

            The only figures which matter are hospitalisations, ICU admittance and fatalities.

          4. Cian

            As I said, Sweden was 14th for number of tests, but 3rd for number of positive cases.
            Sweden Population: 10,160,214; Tests: 10,574,760; cases: 1,084,636
            Denmark Population: 5,811,956; Tests 65,328,313; cases 291,652

            Sweden is riddled with the covids

        2. george

          If you compare Sweden with the other Nordic countries you will see the rate of Covid-19 was much much higher.

          1. SOQ

            That argument was put to bed six months ago- do try to keep up dear.

            Sweden has no excess deaths in 2020 over and above a bad flu – that’s the real comparison, with itself.

            But if Sweden got it right, the others got it wrong and we can’t be having anyone saying that now can we?

          2. Cian

            how come *you* can compare any country to Sweden, but george isn’t allowed to compare Sweden to other (closer) countries?

            Seems a bit unfair.

    1. MoRhustyDilis

      +1 Eoin.
      I’ve never work a mask, anywhere, never will. Never been asked for any explanation so never to see the exempt reason, while by the way of anyone who has read up on its not for any disability reason. It’s a perfectly good reason to say you don’t want to wear a mask if asked.
      Also if a business doesn’t want my cash, I’m very happy to leave and bring it elsewhere. No problem. As far as I see it is people are at this stage, not educated on the pros and cons, that’s with them.
      As my parents thought me, walk in as if you own the place and hold your head up high! Confidence in information and being on the right side of history a chairde.

      1. Clampers Outside

        I presume you check the premises entrance for any signs saying masks must be worn, and you turn around and leave upon seeing them, yeah?

        Which makes me wonder, who does your food shop, as they all have signs for masks.to be worn.

        1. MoRhustyDilis

          You presume incorrectly.
          Also I do the weekly family food shop in a large organic market. No questions asked. No issue. Obvs loads of like minded open-minded people there.
          Thanks for asking!

  4. Can a Da?

    The Garda was completely correct. You would have to have the patience of a saint to deal with the public…

  5. delacaravanio

    It’s a voilation of my rights to force me to wear a mask, but it’s fine for me to violate the business owner’s rights by seeking to get the guards to force them to let me in.

    Sound logic there.

    1. Clampers Outside

      I hear ya…
      But… No one forced her to wear anything. She can choose to enter, and follow the rules, or not.

  6. Blob

    anti-maskers are such entitled moaners. its just a piece of cloth on your face for the few minutes ur inside. thats all. but no.. make a big deal about it and film people and bang on about ur rights. suck it up it won’t be for long. if someone wants to keep their business safe, they don’t have to let you in. its not your “right” to endanger other people. so annoying.

    1. MoRhustyDilis

      You’re incorrect in thinking that that it won’t be long I guarantee. Come back in 6 or event 12 months and they’ll still be at it. But it depends on what your definition of won’t be long is.
      It’s the creep creep method that these ‘rules’ are introduced and then become part of some people’s lives. And they don’t seem to mind.

      1. Blob

        I don’t think it’ll be masks forever. and I don’t think anyone has an agenda to keep them around forever.. it doesnt benefit anyone to keep it going after they’re needed. they definitely are needed in this moment in time. and the absolute whinging of people about wearing them is unbearable. when did everyone get so entitles and weak? kicking up a fuss about wearing it for the few minutes ur in a shop is embarrassing.

  7. george

    To answer the original poster’s question yes it is nothing to do with the guards. They can take a civil case if they want to.

    1. SOQ

      So if they refused someone who was visually impaired because they had a guide dog- you would be fine with that too? And don’t tell me it is different because it is not. You have no idea what disabilities someone has and quite frankly- its none of your business.

        1. SOQ

          Only because it suits your agenda- I know of one girl who cannot wear a mask or a visor- she has a mental condition.

          Fortunately the local supermarket knows and that is fine but are you expecting her to lock herself at home just because of your neurotic fears?

          Or do you expect her to broadcast the fact she is mentally unwell to the world? Which in itself would probably leave her back in care of course.

          1. Cian

            It is almost like there is more than two options:
            “broadcast the fact she is mentally unwell to the world”
            “lock herself at home”

          2. GiggidyGoo

            @Cian. We had a conversation awhile ago regarding your persistent bullying of SOQ, and you being one reason why he departed the site at the time, which you of course denied. The tone of your contributions over the past while since SOQ returned are exactly that – bullying. You seem to have latched onto most threads with SOQ involved, and do your usual attempts at put-downs, and this latest comment is an excellent example of your methods.
            Cop onto yourself.

          3. Cian

            “bullying”? that word doesn’t mean what you think it does.

            SOQ chooses to repeatedly spread FUD. I refute these.

            SOQ spent all of November and December saying that there wouldn’t be a second wave and we should open up everything.

            I pointed out the cases were rising. He said cases were irrelevant, hospitalisations were important.
            I pointed out the hospitalisations were rising. He said hospitalisations were irrelevant, ICU numbers were important.
            I pointed out the ICU number were rising. He said ICU were irrelevant, deaths were important.

            SOQ “disappeared” in January and February when over 2,000 people died of Covid. The numbers are back under control and he suddenly reappeared last month sprouting the same lies, with an added dollop of anti-vaxx.

          4. SOQ

            Nit picking is a form of bullying Cian and you are forever at it. I have made my position on vaccinations crystal clear, I am pro safe vax- but of course that does not suit your spun narrative now does it? Tell me- do you work for a newspaper or news website?

            I think people have a right to know- don’t you?

            Because it is quite obvious that you have an agenda and anyone who spends time on this site will testify that you parrot governmental positions word for word at times. I have worked with Comms people before, so I know the tactics- nobody is that generic in their opinions.

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            SOQ by “Nitpicking”, do you mean blowing the majority of the info you’ve provided out of the water as absolute bullplop and woo?

          6. SOQ

            aaannnnddd there we go- the personal attacks again. The is an old saying- the more you say about others, the more you say about yourself. Interestingly, such aggression is way more common from Americans and English than Irish I find.

          7. Cian

            #1 “nit-picking” isn’t bullying
            #2 pointing out major misinformation isn’t “nit-picking”
            #3 where I work is personal information. You are very inconsistent on your stance on personal information. If keeping something private allow you not to wear a mask or enter a country – you are pro-personal-information; but when it is a pilot’s medical details or my work-place you want it revealed to all.
            #4 is constantly calling someone a government shill a form of bullying? Asking for a friend.

          8. SOQ

            Once again Cian- do you work for a newspaper or news website?

            It’s a simple yes or no answer.

        2. SOQ

          Once again Cian- do you work for a newspaper or news website?

          It’s a simple yes or no answer.

      1. george

        What are you talking about, SOQ? Where did I say I was fine with anything? Where did I say anything about what kind of disability the person had?

        You are responding to words I haven’t written.

  8. AssPants

    It’s always an interesting statement “can’t (won’t) wear a mask due to medical conditions”; if your medical condition is so bad that a face mask may cause one to suffer a reaction, what would the virus do????

    (how do those who can’t/won’t wear a mask get through halloween)

  9. SOQ

    Interesting how this has gone from ‘its the law’ to the business owner’s prerogative- a court case on the horizon maybe?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I’m sure you’ll donate to the gofundme for Tracey the Barrista-at-Law to take the case!

      1. SOQ

        There is certainly some reason for the change of tactic- the Guards have been involved in a number of such enforcements before.

        The state will shy way from any such legal action because it will be up to them to prove that masks work- and they know they don’t.

          1. SOQ

            Its clearly being thrown back on the business people and there is a reason for that.

            Time will tell.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            The reason being that management have the right to refuse anti mask Karens and Kens with their fake “illnesses” from entering their private property.

  10. Rosette of Sirius

    Was up getting my second Pfizer shot at Citywest earlier this morning. ‘‘Twas a grand day for it. Was in before the heavy queueing began. Anyways. Unlike my first shot where the car park and queue for COVID testing was, today the queue for testing was massive. Carpark completely full as as was the line of cars queuing thru the drive-thru tents.

    An ominous sign methinks.

    1. SOQ

      Why would testing be in such high demand at this point?

      Is it something to do with people going on holidays maybe?

      Or are people getting tested before the vaccine?

  11. Peter Dempsey

    For some reason I despise the “medical exemption” people even more than the willies who just refuse to wear a mask.

    Can’t / won’t wear a mask – then go home and hang yourself

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